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Billboard advertisements on Shahid Babaei Highway in Tehran

Billboard advertising on Shahid Babaei Highway has a strategic position due to high traffic and free spaces around. For this reason, billboards in this area are very popular in Tehran. And that spending money to rent billboards on this highway will definitely have a huge impact on your brand and business, and that cost is an investment. Shahid Babaei Highway is one of the axes related to the east entrance of the capital and in addition to organizing east-west traffic in the northeast of Tehran is an option for many citizens for suburban travel. Shahid Babaei Highway passes through different neighborhoods such as Hakimiyeh, Lavizan, Pasdaran, Niroye Zamini Nobonyad Boulevard.

Billboard advertisements on Shahid Babaei Highway in Tehran
Rental of Babaei Highway billboards

The most important entrances and exits of Shahid Babaei Highway are:

  • Damavand road
  • Tehran-Pardis freeway
  • Road tel
  • Lashgark Road
  • Shahid Bagheri Highway
  • Koohestan Street
  • Hengam Boulevard
  • Niruye Zamini Boulevard
  • Lavizan Town
  • Shabanloo Street
  • Shabanloo Street
  • Sadr Highway

Important places and neighborhoods near this highway

  • Shahid Chamran town, newly established station, line 3 of Araj metro
  • Shahid Rajaei Town (Noor)
  • Lavizan
  • Shahrak
  • Shahid Fallahi
  • Ozgol
  • Lavizan Town One
  • Sayed Al-Shuhada Town
  • Shahid Rasouli Town
  • Lavizan Forest
  • Bird Garden

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Advertising billboard on Babaei Highway
Billboard rental price on Babaei Highway

The most important places along Shahid Babaei Highway

  • Shahid Babaei Highway
  • Sepehr Airport
  • Imam Hussein (AS) University
  • Babayi Tare Bar
  • Kimiya Park
  • Malek Ashtar University of Technology

They are the most important places along this highway. Babaei Highway is definitely the best place for environmental advertising due to its different routes and places in this area.

Billboard rental tariff on Babaei Highway

From the above, it can be concluded that one of the best ways to advertise in Tehran is billboard advertising on Babaei Highway. Due to the high traffic of this highway, advertising billboards on pedestrian bridges have always been considered by advertising agencies and industry owners. Also, due to having a gas station and a gas pump, both the north and south lanes of this highway are located for easier access for drivers. In addition, the bus fleet on this highway is the best place to rent billboards for public traffic. Highway entrance billboards do not have the same prices. Therefore, it is not possible to announce a fixed price. Billboards in each city are priced based on various parameters such as location and population.

Reservation of billboards for Tehran highway

The cost of billboard advertising on Shahid Babaei Highway

Environmental advertising increases the competitive environment and brand credibility of your product and service. Despite the increasing share of advertising in the digital space, it is important to know how to increase the effectiveness of advertising in the real world outside. Billboards can help a lot to build your brand. Babaei Highway, because it is one of the main roads in Tehran province and is the entrance and exit roads of Tehran, this has caused a lot of traffic in this area. . It is also one of the most valuable areas of Tehran province in terms of climate and nature. As such, it is the best opportunity to invest in billboards. Therefore, spending on advertising on Babaei Highway will help to see your brand and sell your products and services.

Arad Holding Group provides environmental advertising services. Arad is the largest owner of environmental advertising media in the country, which has more than 750 boards ready to provide without intermediaries. [/ bg_collapse]

Chalous Road Billboards

تابلو و بیلبورد جاده چالوس نام آشنای بسیاری از کارفرمایان و مدیران شرکت های بزرگ می باشد. افراد زیادی به دنبال رزرو بیلبورد در جاده چالوس می باشند. چالوس از محبوب ترین جاده ها برای کسانی است که در تهران و کرج زندگی می کنند. نام رسمی این جاده، جاده 59 است. شروع این جاده شهر کرج در استان البرز است و نقطه ی پایانی آن شهر چالوس در مازندران می باشد. گفته شده که این جاده یکی از پرجاذبه ترین جاده های جهان است. سفر کردن در این محور بسیار لذت بخش است، چرا که شما در این مسیر بی نظیرترین منظره ها و چشم انداز های طبیعی و زیبا را مشاهده می نمایید. به همین منظور است که این جاده تبدیل به پرطرفدارترین مسیرهای منتهی به شمال کشور شده است، و باعث گردیده تا حجم سنگینی از ترافیک در ایام تعطیلات مشاهده شود و افراد زیادی این مسیر را برای سفر خود به شمال کشور انتخاب نمایند.

Environmental advertising in Chalous price
Environmental advertising in Chalous

Billboard rental and reservation prices on Chalous Road

One of the most important features for installing billboards on the road is the high traffic on that road and highway. Chalous Road is in a very good position in this regard. This road is the way to reach the shores of the Caspian Sea. Especially in summer, millions of people travel to Mazandaran and similar cities. Despite this important feature for this road, advertising on billboards along this route is very important. If you start your journey on this route today, you will see many billboards on Chalous Road. Companies that think to grow their business and increase their identity credibility ostly choose this pass. The price of renting and booking a billboard on Chalous Road, like other billboards, depends on different parameters. Location and time and volume of traffic are the indicators that change prices.

More than £7.3 billion is spent annually on environmental advertising, of which 62% is for billboards.


What are the entrance routes to Chalous Road?

Do not forget that as the manager of a business by booking a billboard on Chalous Road, you can achieve significant growth of your business. This road is not only the tourism hub of Iran, but also known as the tourism hub in the world. You can not ignore the exceptional location of this road. With the right strategy for environmental advertising of your product or company, you can easily introduce your brand to people. Chalous Road has several entrance routes, which you can see below:

  • Entering Chalous Road from Tehran to Karaj (Tehran to North Freeway)
  • Entering from Nowshahr to Chalous road
  • Another main entrance leading to Chalous Road is Ramsar, Tonekabon, Salmanshahr, Clarabad and Namak Abroud.
Billboards on Chalous Road

History of Chalous Road

Before 1312, which is the year of operation of this road, the road was not like this. The communication roads to the villages of Chalous region were dirt roads and were not such as to establish a connection between the north and the south of the country. This road was exploited by Reza Shah during his reign. After the operation of this road, many restaurants and accommodation places were built between the roads. After the years that Amir Kabir Dam was built, the sights and tourist attractions of this road increased.

Billboard environmental advertising on Pakdasht Highway

In this article, we will talk about the effect of billboard advertisements on Pakdasht Highway. The location of this city, in terms of location and economy, will help you make a better and safer decision about booking billboards on Pakdasht Highway. Pakdasht is one of the cities of Tehran province and one of the ancient historical cities of Iran. It is located in the southeast of Tehran city on the side of Tehran-Mashhad transit road and its center is Pakdasht city. This city starts from Foron Abad city and leads to Aliabad industrial town (capital).

Pakdasht city is a suitable and important place for billboard environmental advertising due to its communication routes with other surrounding cities and its geographical location. Existence of busy highways and Pakdasht billboards on highways, boulevards and air bridges are very suitable places to display products and services. In addition, Pakdasht highway has a lot of daily traffic due to the passage of cars to Mashhad.

Pakdasht city occupies about 2.3% of the area of Tehran province. This city was upgraded from district to city in 1997, and has two cities, two districts and 64 villages, which are scattered in these two districts. This city has several sand mines, towns and industrial areas. 75% of flower production in Tehran province is cultivated in this city.

This highway is connected to the Tehran-Roodehen axis from 40 km by crossing the east of Jajroud river. Pakdasht is located on the Tehran-Mashhad transit route. In addition to other features of this city, we can mention having three large and active industrial towns in this city, which over time has increased the number of light and heavy vehicles in the area for transit around the clock.

Flowers and ornamental plants are exported from this city to all parts of Iran and even abroad. This has led to more traffic on this highway. This in itself is another reason that confirms the high efficiency of environmental advertising in this direction. The purpose of constructing Pakdasht highway was to reduce road accidents, reduce the volume of traffic due to lack of capacity on the route, as well as provide comfort to the residents of the area in their daily lives. The main and most important purpose of the construction of this highway is to reduce urban traffic in Pakdasht, Khatunabad, Sharifabad for the passage of Semnan and Mashhad road vehicles. In addition to all these reasons, Pakdasht Highway has provided a suitable space for billboard environmental advertising.

Billboard environmental advertising on Pakdasht Highway

“Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad.”

Howard Luck Gossage

Billboard rental tariff on Pakdasht highway

Due to the access of Pakdasht Highway to Semnan and Mashhad provinces, environmental advertising on the side of Pakdasht Highway is a very favorable situation for owners of various industries and businesses. Very high traffic due to its proximity to the city of Tehran, especially during the holidays, has caused the owners of goods and products to apply for renting billboards on Pakdasht Highway. The large volume of traffic on Pakdasht Highway has a significant percentage of brand sales.

Pakdasht has many historical and cultural attractions, including natural and tourist attractions of this city, we can mention a few examples.

  • Blue Dome Bridge
  • The ancient hill of Ermuboy village
  • The ancient bridge of Jito
  • Remains of four gardens in Aliabad belong to the Parthian period

Pakdasht has many historical and cultural attractions. Among the natural and tourist attractions of this city, we can mention a few examples.

Rental of billboards on Haraz Road

Renting a billboard on Haraz Road is one of the best options for environmental advertising. Large business owners are very interested in advertising on this road. Due to its high potential, this road has been able to give high prosperity to various businesses and brands. Environmental advertising has become one of the best types of advertising in the world today. Every business strives to grow and compete in the market and achieve success in this field. In Iran environmental advertising is growing day by day as well. Along with the rapid growth of businesses and occupations and the increase of different brands in Iran, advertising companies are also growing significantly. The number of billboards is increasing every day. Regions, roads and highways of the country are presenting billboard advertisements every day. In this article, we examine the rental of billboards on Haraz Road.

Why rent billboards on Haraz Road?

Some employers may ask why they should advertise billboards on Haraz Road and do their own company? At first, it may seem that they are making their own billboards in Tehran. Because the population density in the capital is very high and the possibility of seeing their ads is high. This is somewhat true, but the price of billboards in Tehran is definitely much higher than renting a billboard on Haraz Road.

So, by renting a billboard on Haraz Road, you can pay less than advertising in Tehran, and due to its high potential and a lot of traffic, you can get the result of the capital to some extent. So, considering the rental price of billboards on Haraz Road, this road will be a good option for your environmental advertising.

Environmental advertising on Haraz Road and its high efficiency

Haraz road is one of the oldest and most amazing roads in Iran and it can be considered the most important road connecting Tehran and Mazandaran, which crosses the Haraz river and creates a pristine nature and landscape along the route.

Another reason for the increase in traffic is due to the short distance from Tehran to Amol, which many people in the northern provinces use to go to the capital. Also, the residents of the capital enter Mazandaran province from this route to go to the north and use its pristine and beautiful nature, and it can be boldly said that during the holidays, especially the ancient holiday of Nowruz, millions of people enter Mazandaran from this road. This reason is enough for business owners to think about advertising on Haraz Road, and many brands and companies have thought about developing their business by renting billboards on Haraz Road.

In the meantime, advertising companies have used the space and potential of Haraz Road and provided advertising opportunities for business owners and brands.

Advantages and disadvantages of renting billboards on Haraz Road

Haraz road billboards mostly have lighting and this advantage has been able to solve the problem of not seeing advertisements at night for business owners. This is a privilege that does not exist on some roads. Passengers and drivers traveling on this road at night can easily see the ads. The same view that exists for billboards during the day can also be found at night.

The disadvantage of billboard advertisements on Haraz Road is its constant and seasonal rains, which may cause the destruction of the texture on the billboard banner at times, especially in winter, which some advertising companies have also identified solutions for this issue. There is no need to worry.

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Rental price of billboards on Haraz road

Haraz road is known as an international and transit road to the north of the country, which is also the communication route between the northern cities of Iran and Firoozkooh road. This is a very good reason, so that there is a lot of competition for renting advertisements on Haraz Road. Because businesses have also realized that the best way to grow their brand is to invest in advertising on Haraz Road.

The price of renting a billboard on Haraz Road varies according to the location, season and time of when the billboard is rented. Business competitors will definitely include this road in their advertising strategies. For detailed information on the price of these billboards, you can contact Arad Holding and consult with our consultants.

Location of Haraz road

Haraz road is a road that passes from the north of Damavand city, through the following points and reaches Amol city:

  • Mashsha valley
  • Abali
  • Imamzadeh Hashem
  • Plur
  • Ab asak
  • Rineh
  • Larija

Tariff for environmental advertising in Robat Karim

Environmental advertising in Robat Karim is one of the best options for environmental advertising due to high traffic and the existence of numerous towns. Robat Karim is geographically located from north to Shahriar and Karaj counties, from east and south to Rey and Baharestan counties and from west to Saveh county. On the other hand, this city is located in the southwest of Tehran province.

The cities of this city currently include the cities of Robat Karim, Nasirshahr and Parand. Road access to Robat Karim in addition to Tehran-Saveh highway through Tehran-Qom highway and Saveh road (old Tehran-Saveh road) and also from Karaj (Alborz province) by passing Shahriar and crossing Robat Karim-Shahriar road is possible.

“Advertising is the modern substitute for argument; its function is to make the worse appear the better.”

George Santayana
Tariff for environmental advertising in Robat Karim

Rental of billboards in Robat Karim:

Another feature of the city of Robat Karim is having a railway. In addition, the most important feature that distinguishes this city from other cities is the international airport of the country, namely Imam Khomeini Airport. This airport has been able to attract the attention of many domestic brands. Probably because the high traffic is due to being seen as one of the important parameters for displaying billboards in Robat Karim.

Rental of billboards in Robat Karim Due to the location of this city in busy and strategic routes, has caused the rental of billboards in Robat Karim has a special place.

4 reasons why Robat Karim is the right place for your billboard:

  1. There are six public and private industrial towns
  2. The new city of Parand is the housing capital of Mehr Iran
  3. Master Arsanjani Robat Karim Sports Complex
  4. Robat Karim Islamic Revolution Reserve Fund
Price of billboards in Robat Karim
The price of environmental advertising in Robat Karim

Best environmental advertising methods:

In the best methods of environmental advertising, we can name billboards, because by exposing them to the public, it will make your product visible. But in the meantime, we can name other effective methods: Advertising billboards Advertisements on the bodies of taxis and city buses Advertising stands Advertising Strawboards Urban advertising TV Air bridge and pedestrian advertisements Graffiti 3D advertising stickers Advertising handles

  • Advertising billboards
  • Advertisements on the bodies of taxis and city buses
  • Advertising stands
  • Advertising Strawboards
  • Urban advertising TV
  • Air bridge and pedestrian advertisements
  • Graffiti
  • 3D advertising stickers
  • Advertising handles


Advertising billboard rental in Tehran


Billboards are a big part of the traditional advertising market and still attract potential customers. Billboard advertising is as important today as it was in the past. Billboard advertising is very effective in building brand awareness and business development. Because billboards are placed in crowded places that are visited by many people and have a great impact compared to other marketing methods. Billboards are used to promote products and services. A billboard conveys a simple message using limited pictures and words. Billboards play an important role in building brand awareness. There are many studies that show that people respond to environmental advertising. They react and interact in different ways after observing them.

Tehran, the bustling capital for billboards

Advertising billboards in Tehran are one of the most effective environmental advertisements in the country. Tehran, the capital of Iran, is the third most populous metropolis in the Middle East and the most populous city in West Asia, with at least 9 million permanent residents and 16 million people.

Due to the unique geographical and political conditions of the capital, as well as the presence of different segments of the population in terms of tastes and interests of environmental advertising in Tehran has attracted the attention of various industries and owners across the country.

Advertising billboard rental in Tehran

Population density in the center of Iran’s economy is 20 times that of the whole country

Tehran, the economic center of Iran, with 22 industrial towns and at least 6,000 economically active units, is one of the first industrial areas, where most brand and business owners invest the best influence to increase brand awareness and unveil their business. They know billboard advertising in Tehran. One of the most important things for displaying advertising billboards in Tehran is the careful attention and high efficiency of the audience. Due to the inevitable mental preoccupation of the audience and receiving better and more environmental advertising feedback in Tehran, it is not recommended to simply display advertising campaigns in the main routes.

Outside of Tehran, there are many highways that lead from Tehran’s neighbors to this city: Tehran’s neighbors are as follows:

From the north to Mazandaran province,
From the south to Qom province,
From the southwest to the central province,
From the west to Alborz province
From the east to Semnan province

Billboard rental in Tehran

Brief biography of Jef Richards Ph.D.


Jeff I Richards is Professor and Head of Publicity and Public Relations at Michigan State University. He was an advertising professor at the University of Texas at Austin from 1989 to 2010, serving as director of the advertising department from 1998 to 2002.
His research covers advertising regulatory issues and he has published more than 80 articles, books and book chapters. He has served on the editorial boards of Advertising Magazine, Journal of Daily Issues and Advertising Research, Advertising Education Magazine, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Consumer Affairs Magazine, Interactive Advertising Magazine, Advertising and Association Review, and Editor of International Internet Marketing Magazine And advertising.

Tehran Awakening and Billboard Advertising

In Tehran, hundreds of thousands of highways and highways of this metropolis are commuting daily. This traffic has led to a double valuation of media in the city, which makes the duration of advertising campaigns in Tehran much longer than other cities and therefore requires much higher budgets.
At this stage, the winner is a brand that can strategically choose excellent routes with the least visual pollution (address tree construction, etc.) for long-term display of its brand. Among the strategic and cost-effective routes for environmental advertising in Tehran are: Karaj, Qom, Saveh, Qazvin, Firoozkooh, Pardis, Haraz, Chalous, etc.

“People spend money when and where they feel good”

“People spend money when and where they feel good”
Billboard advertising in Tehran

How to advertise professionally

From the beginning of the formation of human civilization, propaganda is rooted in human life. Advertising was originally in the form of modern slavery and has gradually become a source of employment. Advertising is the business spirit and the marketing unit of any organization is responsible for product introduction, professional advertising, etc. The choice of advertising method (environmental, print, television, etc.) as well as the type of advertising strategy (package, serial, etc.) is the responsibility of the business unit. Did you know that environmental advertising as the premier medium is the most sustainable method among advertising media? To read more, click the button below.

Advertising billboard on Tehran highway

The impact of advertising strategy on product branding

Product branding in the capital of Iran will be effective only if it is done in long-term advertising campaigns. Screening of Tehran billboard advertisements in the city will incur exorbitant costs. Industry owners with advertisements at the entrances and exits of this metropolis can have advertising bombardment for branding their products by considering a suitable budget.

Are Billboards Worth Investing?

The short answer to the question of whether a business should invest in billboard advertising is that it has a direct bearing on the marketing budget. A company needs to measure how much it wants to spend on marketing. Billboard advertising ranks high in terms of cost. And on the other hand, you need to know what you are looking for. If your company is looking to grow its brand and raise awareness, billboard advertising can be a great way to do that. In the importance of billboards, it is important to note that billboards are viewed almost three thousand times a day. They are seen nearly a million times a year. Billboards today are one of the most effective tools that will play an important role in the development of your business.