Billboard advertisements on Shahid Babaei Highway in Tehran

Billboard advertising on Shahid Babaei Highway has a strategic position due to high traffic and free spaces around. For this reason, billboards in this area are very popular in Tehran. And that spending money to rent billboards on this highway will definitely have a huge impact on your brand and business, and that cost is an investment. Shahid Babaei Highway is one of the axes related to the east entrance of the capital and in addition to organizing east-west traffic in the northeast of Tehran is an option for many citizens for suburban travel. Shahid Babaei Highway passes through different neighborhoods such as Hakimiyeh, Lavizan, Pasdaran, Niroye Zamini Nobonyad Boulevard.

Billboard advertisements on Shahid Babaei Highway in Tehran
Rental of Babaei Highway billboards

The most important entrances and exits of Shahid Babaei Highway are:

  • Damavand road
  • Tehran-Pardis freeway
  • Road tel
  • Lashgark Road
  • Shahid Bagheri Highway
  • Koohestan Street
  • Hengam Boulevard
  • Niruye Zamini Boulevard
  • Lavizan Town
  • Shabanloo Street
  • Shabanloo Street
  • Sadr Highway

Important places and neighborhoods near this highway

  • Shahid Chamran town, newly established station, line 3 of Araj metro
  • Shahid Rajaei Town (Noor)
  • Lavizan
  • Shahrak
  • Shahid Fallahi
  • Ozgol
  • Lavizan Town One
  • Sayed Al-Shuhada Town
  • Shahid Rasouli Town
  • Lavizan Forest
  • Bird Garden

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Advertising billboard on Babaei Highway
Billboard rental price on Babaei Highway

The most important places along Shahid Babaei Highway

  • Shahid Babaei Highway
  • Sepehr Airport
  • Imam Hussein (AS) University
  • Babayi Tare Bar
  • Kimiya Park
  • Malek Ashtar University of Technology

They are the most important places along this highway. Babaei Highway is definitely the best place for environmental advertising due to its different routes and places in this area.

Billboard rental tariff on Babaei Highway

From the above, it can be concluded that one of the best ways to advertise in Tehran is billboard advertising on Babaei Highway. Due to the high traffic of this highway, advertising billboards on pedestrian bridges have always been considered by advertising agencies and industry owners. Also, due to having a gas station and a gas pump, both the north and south lanes of this highway are located for easier access for drivers. In addition, the bus fleet on this highway is the best place to rent billboards for public traffic. Highway entrance billboards do not have the same prices. Therefore, it is not possible to announce a fixed price. Billboards in each city are priced based on various parameters such as location and population.

Reservation of billboards for Tehran highway

The cost of billboard advertising on Shahid Babaei Highway

Environmental advertising increases the competitive environment and brand credibility of your product and service. Despite the increasing share of advertising in the digital space, it is important to know how to increase the effectiveness of advertising in the real world outside. Billboards can help a lot to build your brand. Babaei Highway, because it is one of the main roads in Tehran province and is the entrance and exit roads of Tehran, this has caused a lot of traffic in this area. . It is also one of the most valuable areas of Tehran province in terms of climate and nature. As such, it is the best opportunity to invest in billboards. Therefore, spending on advertising on Babaei Highway will help to see your brand and sell your products and services.

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