Advertising billboard rental and reservation Tabriz (East Azerbaijan)

Billboard rental and reservation in Tabriz (billboard advertising in Tabriz) will help your business and brand grow as it is one of the important commercial and industrial centers in northwest Iran.Billboards have a significant impact on branding; Advertising of Tabriz is very important because of the transportation and transit highways to Europe and Iraq.If you choose the city of Tabriz for billboard advertising, the price of the Tabriz billboard will be sent to you along with the complete list

Why are Tabriz outdoor advertising billboards effective

East Azerbaijan province is considered one of the biggest economic hubs of our country.To do outdoor advertising in Tabriz, it is first necessary to specify the market and the purpose of advertising.In addition toTabriz is a historical city, it hosts more than 100 reputable brands from various products and industries every year


Special and prominent industries leather and carpet

East Azerbaijan Province is the first rank of Iran’s non-oil exports.The texture of the famous carpets of Tabriz, leather, clothing of this city, production of pottery and ceramics attract those interested in investing in this area.The texture of the famous carpets of Tabriz, leather, clothing of this city, production of pottery and ceramics attract those interested in investing in this area.East Azerbaijan province is one of the cities that is famous not only for handicrafts, but also for textile and machinery industry.Tabriz is the center of production of all kinds of beverage products, all kinds of biscuits, wafers, toffee, chocolate and similar products


Adjacent to 3 European countries

This province is bordered by the provinces of West Azerbaijan, Zanjan, Ardabil, as well as Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan.The passage of the rail route to Turkey and Nakhchivan from Tabriz, as well as the connection of Tehran to Tabriz freeway has turned this city into a vital transit area for Iran.we suppose to consider the neighboring provinces of Tabriz in your advertising campaign. For example, in addition to Tabriz city, consider the Tabriz-Urumieh road billboard and vice versa, and other roads and highways leading to this province. The cost of billboards in Tabriz is economical


Busy roads

There are many underpasses and overpasses in Tabriz.Most of these roads are located on highways, freeways and ring roads.So there are many opportunities for outdoor and billboard advertising in terms of location. Also, Consider According to the type of your product or service, for billboard advertising in Tabriz or other cities, such as transport roads related to Tabriz city, including Sento Road, Pasdaran Highway, Bakri freeway,and etc

Why outdoor advertising for Tabriz

Tabriz billboard rental can have a significant impact on your business growth If implemented correctly.Reservation and purchase of billboards in Tabriz help your brand to be known and seen.Tabriz is the capital of East Azerbaijan Province and it is the 11th largest province of Iran.Also, this province is the sixth most populated province with a population of more than 4 million people. It has an area of ​​more than 45 thousand cubic meters. Arad advertising agency (Tabriz outdoor advertising company – without intermediaries) will be with you with more than 1500 active media not only in Tabriz but in the whole country

A company that stops advertising to save money. It is like someone who stops his watch to save time

Henry Ford

Why is outdoor advertising effective in Tabriz

Tabriz is one of the tourist cities of Iran in which many people travel to that city during most holidays.You can speed up your business development and branding by putting this city to your outdoor advertising campaign and buying a billboard in Tabriz. First our advertising experts check the type of business, brand and advertising goals, then it is time to choose the golden time of advertising your brand.East Azerbaijan province can be suitable for implementing outdoor advertising at any time due to tourism and industrial reasons that were mentioned. You can make public trust and high sales for your business and industry and products not only in Tabriz city but also in the entire province of East Azerbaijan with outdoor advertising

Arad Zarin, the owner of advertising media in the country

Since the correct selection of the target market is one of the basic and important factors in the efficiency of advertising, choosing Tabriz province in advertising campaigns will cover different layers of people and achieve excellent advertising results. To learn about the benefits of outdoor advertising in other cities, read the following pages

Basic advertising for the highest efficiency

you can start your own billboard advertising campaign by adding to the knowledge and science of outdoor advertising
To read more, refer to the page of Arad college


outdoor advertising campaign

  In outdoor  advertising campaigns, if you use communication tools or messages effectively and choose the right time and places to advertise your business can increase the awareness, interest, and desire of potential customers for your products or services

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Billboard reservation

  Every business needs to attract customers to be successful.Marketing describes the steps businesses take to attract and retain customers, which includes advertising that increases consumer awareness of products and services

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What is a billboard

Billboard is One of the most effective advertising methods.because advertising billboards are located in crowded areas and compared to other advertising methods,they are seen more often.The advertising message is only designed in a few short words on the billboards

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Advertising billboard price in Tabriz (East Azerbaijan)

Billboard rental price in Tabriz depends on many factors such as area, season, billboard location and traffic in the area.These factors affect the price of billboards in Tabriz. Also, with billboard rental he has tried to provide the possibility of advertising for all businesses with any purpose and budget by renting various types of billboards in different places. The price of a billboard in Tabriz is different according to its size and location. Arad Zarin advertising company (one of the subgroups of Arad Holding) with more than 25 years of experience in outdoor advertising, will always be with you as a billboard advertising company in Tabriz in the path of its outdoor advertising campaign

The only tool for success you definitely need is to be more useful than expected regardless of what your job is

Og Mandino

The best billboard locations in Tabriz (East Azerbaijan) province

The cold and mountainous city of Tabriz has many historical and natural tourist attraction.Tourist places are very useful for advertising products and handicrafts.Urban advertising is profitable and credible for businesses related to city people .Road billboards can have extensive advertisements for specific types of products you want, including leather, food industry, places and products for tourists. Decisions in these cases will be easy with the help of Arad Holding’s marketing consultants

  • Kabood mosque and bazaar
  • Shoara tomb
  • Eynali Mountain
  • Bazar Tabriz
  • El Goli garden
  • Arg Tabriz
  • Alisha Citadel
  • Tabriz Jame Mosque and…

renting and booking billboards in the other cities of Tabriz (East Azerbaijan) province

You should consider the cities adjacent to the capital of Tabriz province for more effect of advertising. These important cities are:

  • Billboard reservation in Tabr
  • Billboard reservation in Esco
  • Billboard reservation in Ahar
  • Billboard reservation in Bostan Abad
  • Reservation of billboards in Bonab
  • Reservation of billboards in Jolfa
  • Billboard reservation in Charavimaq
  • Billboard reservation in God Afarin
  • Booking a billboard in Sarab
  • Reservation of billboards in Shebester
  • Booking a billboard in Ajab Shir
  • Reservation of billboards in Kalibar
  • Billboard reservation in Maragheh
  • Billboard reservation in Maryland
  • Reservation of billboards in Malekan
  • Billboard reservation in the middle
  • Reservation of billboards in Varzeghan
  • Billboard Reservations in Harris
  • Billboard reservation in Hashtroud
  • Billboard reservation in Horand
  • Billboard reservation in Khosrowshah

The importance ​​of cooperation with Arad Zarin

Arad Zarin’s professional experts with 25 years of experience in the field of billboard rental, have been presenting advertising campaigns of prominent brands. Our continuous success in the field of advertising billboards confirms this claim


Performing and reporting the screening on a weekly basis


Scenario writing and its implementation in billboard designs


Writing an advertising campaign according to the allocated budget


Advertising advice according to the type of business

What features distinguish Arad Zarin

Arad Zarin outdoor advertising clinic is one of the most diverse and best outdoor advertising companies.To get the best results from the outdoor advertising campaign for renting and booking billboards in Tabriz, it is necessary to consult a professional and experienced team. According to the things that we will mention below, you will notice the difference between our level and other competitors.

Reasonable price

 Arad Zarin is the owner of media all over the country and with more than 2500 advertising boards, he is ready to present advertising campaigns all over the country.Advertising campaigns for branding

Better and much business introduction

They are useful and economical


The possibility of barter for advertising

Barter is the method of trading goods or services between two or more business partners, without using money (or anything related to money, such as a credit card or check). Business owners can contribute to the visibility of their business and the branding process without paying anything


consultants and experienced experts

Arad Zarin’s experienced consultants and experts are always ready to help you make the best decision for the development and prosperity of your business by suggesting different advertising campaigns


Completely intermediaries

We have made it possible for business owners and brands to buy billboards directly and without intermediaries. This will eliminate additional costs and these costs can be spent on more and better advertisements and your permanence in the mind of the audience


Completely intermediaries

We have made it possible for business owners and brands to buy billboards directly and without intermediaries. This will eliminate additional costs and these costs can be spent on more and better advertisements and your permanence in the mind of the audience.


The most ideal billboard cost

Arad Zarin is the only company that has billboards without participating in municipal auctions. This group is the manufacturer of the pedestrian bridge and offers outdoor advertising (billboards and bridge deck) completely independently, even cheaper than the municipality!


The honor of cooperation with reliable brands

Frequently asked questions

Read some of the questions that you may ask in the different stages of booking a billboard in  Tabriz.

Why a billboard advertising campaign in Tabriz

 One of the best options for running advertising campaigns is renting advertising boards in Tabriz , especially among Turkish speakers in our country.East Azerbaijan is one of the northwestern provinces of Iran and its center is Tabriz and it is the sixth most populous province of the country.In addition to the prosperity of tourism, pleasant natural spaces have caused a lot of traffic on the routes of this region

Why is outdoor advertising economical in Tabriz

East Azerbaijan Province is the first rank of Iran’s non-oil exports.The numerous freeways of Tabriz are the busiest roads in the country. In addition to tourism, agriculture is an important element in this provinceWith the expert advice of Arad Holding’s outdoor advertising experts, you can be sure that you will be better seen and achieve your business goals

The best way to see ads in Tabriz

Tabriz advertising billboards is a simple way for businesses to introduce their products and services to the people and speed up their recognition.A significant percentage of your contacts travel daily through the streets and highways to reach their destination, and renting your billboard can attract their attention

The best way to rent a billboard online in Tabriz

To get the list of Tabriz advertising billboard rate please call 09128356802

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