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Considering the importance of outdoor advertising and the attention of smart managers to this media in the last three decades, “Arad Advertising Agency” was established. The managers of this complex established Sazeh Sazazan Industrial Group to provide the best services and prices to customers.The main activity of this group is the construction of pedestrian bridges and the use of bridge fronts for billboard advertising (as a result of not paying rent to the municipality and providing advertising prices without intermediaries)But due to economic conditions and lack of liquidity in organizations, Arad experts established “Fateh Qeshm Company”. This company is an investor in mass construction projects across the country. The existence of this company made the managers engage in billboard advertising and professional branding without paying money, only by selling their own products

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Private ownership of pedestrian bridges

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Pedestrian bridges Manufacturer

Massification projects in the country

advertising agency

Arad Zarin

This advertising billboards agency is working as the largest owner of outdoor advertising media in the whole country with more than 750 billboards without intermediaries in an agreement with Sazeh Sazan Industrial Group (pedestrian bridge manufacturer)


Arad Zarin

We started working in the field of advertising in 1374. One of the first actions in this field is the construction of an offset printing house. Also,To attract customer attention, we held various exhibitions such as: children and teenagers festival, sweets and chocolates and youth exhibition at the permanent place of Mashhad International Exhibitions. In 2017, with the intention of expanding cultural-advertising activities as much as possible, we reached broadcasting agency commercial messages in provincial networks.In 1378, we realized the high outdoor advertising importance (billboard) and obtained outdoor advertising permission in several provinces, and now we are known the largest media owner with most complete information bank of outdoor advertising throughout the country.

Arad Zarin
In the direction of construction

The next concern of our advertising consultants was to reduce the costs of clientsIn addition, nowadays one of the services of the country’s municipalities is to create security for citizens and reduce traffic in the city, for this reason, the municipality has constructed a large number of pedestrian bridges in high-traffic areas of the city, including intersections, etc. But due to the heavy costs of designing, building and installing these bridges, usually municipalities are not able to do this important thing.In such a situation, the investment was proposed through a clearing agreement with Sazeh Sazan industrial group (producer of pedestrian bridges) and using advertising spaces (advertising billboards) created on the front of these bridges. The first pedestrian bridge resulting from this clearing agreement was built in the holy Mashhad city in 1379. Now more than 85 pedestrian bridges have been built across the country,And in this way, we were able to continue the growing process of increasing our advertising media with construction and development.

Industrial group

Sazeh Sazan

In 2015, with the aim of improving service quality , the construction of a pedestrian bridge with a mechanized ramp (electrical stairs) was proposed by Sazeh Sazan Industrial Group, and it was widely welcomed by the municipalities. Now, since this product had to be imported from abroad, we entered into negotiations with reputable Chinese companies. This cooperation started in China (Guangzhou city) in the form of participation in production and assembly, and the first pedestrian bridges were built in 2008 in Tabriz city in front of Sheikh Al-Raees Hospital and Mashhad, in the courtyard of Bab al-Jawad, the sacred shrine of Ali bin Musa Al-Reza (AS). It was built as 100% B.O.T with 12 ramps.

اقدامات سازه سازان
در جهت سازندگی و آبادانی

در این مرحله از مسیر پیشرفت، همزمان با واردات رمپ مکانیزه از چین و در راستای اشتغال‌زایی برای کشور عزیزمان، نیاز به گسترش کارگاه صنعتی احساس شد و به همین جهت کارخانه گروه صنعتی سازه سازان آراد ( به منظور کاهش قیمت های تمام شده در مرحله ی ساخت و تولید پل ها ) با انتقال خط تولید قطعات رمپ مکانیزه از چین به منطقه محروم بینالود در استان رضوی فعالیت خود را گسترش داد. این روند رو به رشد احداث پل و پیشرفت اقتصادی در سال 1389 در شهر تهران با نصب 16 رمپ پله برقی دیگر در منطقه 5 ادامه یافت.

Construction company

Arad Fateh Qeshm

Since 2013, Fateh Qeshm Construction Company, due to the economic recession, high inflation, and the closure of many construction projects due to lack of liquidity, through a clearing agreement with Arad Advertising Clinic, has invested in the supply of materials for these projects, and instead it is battered with construction units.. Arad Advertising Clinic with Fateh Qeshm Construction Company cleared advertising spaces with construction materials in its specialized field. Please click for more information about clearing.