Arad economic group

This holding was established in 1994 by Zainel Nia brothers.Arad Advertising Company has been working for 28 years in various fields such as outdoor advertising, building an escalator, building metal structures (pedestrian bridges) and investment in construction projects.

Advertising Clinic

Arad Zarin

This specialized advertising company works as the largest owner of advertising media across the country with more than 750 billboards without intermediaries in an agreement with Sazeh Sazan Industrial Group (pedestrian bridge builder)

Industrial group

Sazeh Sazan

This industrial complex is one of the companies of the economic group that professionally designs, manufactures and installs pedestrian bridges in the country on the order of Arad company

Construction company

Arad Fateh Qeshm

In agreement with Arad advertising company, this construction company barters all construction materials and invests in mass construction projects in a 100% barter form.