Advertising billboard rental in Kerman


Advertising billboard rental in Kerman province

Rental of billboards in Kerman province depends on several factors such as size, location and و and no specific price can be set for it. Kerman is one of the five historical cities of Iran, located in the southeast, in the list of metropolises of Iran. Kerman is one of the historical and important provinces of Iran with more than 700 registered national monuments.
This province has a special economic position due to the existence of Sirjan region, new citadel and mass production of pistachios and its export, and is one of the best options for renting billboards. Due to the existence of different and diverse climates in the field of agriculture and mines, it is considered one of the most prominent provinces. These favorable economic and tourism conditions have created a suitable platform for the efficiency of environmental advertising in Kerman.

Outdoor advertising in Kerman

Why advertising investment in Kerman?

Kerman, having the richest mines in the country and 150 registered mines, has created a suitable situation for the activities of related industries.
Knowing the mineral resources of the province, for useful and effective use and creation of related industries, requires the presence of specialized engineers and the relevant managers. This has made Kerman a destination for many business trips. Therefore, advertising investment in Kerman has a significant impact on increasing brand awareness.

Rental of billboards in Kerman

Points for billboard design

Creativity and ideation, including innovation and ultimately the inclusion of organizational colors, is one of the essential elements in the design of environmental advertising, and we suggest avoiding any stereotypes that cause bad advertising for any brand, as well as maintaining simplicity, creating different emotions, the use of appropriate images and fonts etc. are very effective techniques in billboard design. To read more click the button below.

Is Kerman environmental advertising media only suitable for industrial advertising?

Kerman has special economic conditions due to the commercial city of Sirjan. The city of Sirjan, with the connection of most transit axes from south to north and east to west of the country, is the main transit route for goods.
Kerman has a prosperous economy with the first rank of pistachio production and mass production of walnuts, dates, wheat, barley, potatoes and… in the field of agriculture.
In addition to the mentioned activities, the tourism industry in Kerman, with 5 UNESCO registered works and 700 national registered works, attracts many people from all over the country to this region, so brands whose target community is the general public can also be covered. Extensive advertising media use Kerman environmental advertising.

“Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people”

William Butler Yeats

Economic justification for using advertising billboards in Kerman

Kerman has now become one of the three centers of organ transplantation in Iran due to the successful operation of liver and kidney transplant centers due to the University of Medical Sciences, which is one of the largest and top universities in the field of medical sciences. Along with this issue, many trips to Kerman for treatment lead to it every year.
One of the important issues is that Kerman has become a destination for German investors to participate in the production of medical devices and an important step has been taken to make progress in this field.
In this regard, individuals and organizations interested in this field make significant progress in Kerman by using environmental advertising.

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Environmental advertising prices in Kerman

Advertising billboards in Kerman have different tariffs. And busy and well-known places are of special importance.
Areas in Kerman that are suggested by advertising experts to run environmental advertising campaigns in Kerman are as follows:
Republic Boulevard,
Entrance from Tehran road,
Jihad Boulevard,
Imam Highway
By delegating the responsibility of selecting the media to advertising experts, you can launch a high-yield advertising campaign in Kerman.

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