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Arad Zarin is an outdoor advertising billboard company, which helps you to perpetuate your business and brand through billboard rental.outdoor advertising is a powerful tool that can help you attract customers, inform about products and build customer trust. If your potential customers don’t know about your business, the best sales tactics in the world, you will fail.

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Professional experts in Arad Holding with more than 25 years of experience have been conducting outdoor advertising throughout Iran. Our claim is the implementation of advertising campaigns of famous brands, the continuation of our success and strong presence in the field of advertising billboards


Ad advice according to the type of business


Writing an advertising campaign according to the allocated budget


writing scenario and its implementation in billboard designs


Performance and Screening report weekly

Why should we advertise

Advertising makes people aware of your company, brand and products. If there is no awareness, there is no business. Advertising can educate consumers and this will set you apart from your competitors. You can create a general awareness of your brand and product with the help of outdoor advertising companies.


Introducing a new product in the market

Advertising is very important in introducing a new product in the market and motivates people to buy the product. The nature of advertising is educational and dynamic and introduces customers to new products and their various uses


sales increase

Advertising increases sales. In other words, by spending money on advertising, sales can be increased and sales costs are reduced. An experienced seller completes his sales with advertising


Eliminate middlemen

The purpose of advertising is to create a direct relationship between the producer and the consumer, and in this way marketing intermediaries are eliminated. This increases the producer’s profit and the consumer receives the products at lower prices


Dealing with competitors

Continuous advertising is very necessary to differentiate the product from competitors. It is also effective in increasing goodwill. Frequent advertising and good quality products bring more reputation to the manufacturer and increase goodwill


وجود مشاوران و کارشناسان مجرب

مشاوران و کارشناسان مجرب آراد زرین، هر زمان آماده هستند که با پیشنهاد کمپین‌های تبلیغاتی مختلف، به شما کمک کنند بهترین تصمیم را برای پیشرفت و رونق کسب‌وکار خود بگیرید.


بهترین قیمت بیلبورد

آراد زرین، تنها شرکتی است که بدون حضور در مزایده‌های شهرداری، صاحب بیلبورد است. این مجموعه سازنده پل عابر پیاده است و به‌صورت کاملا مستقل تبلیغات محیطی(بیلبورد و عرشه پل) ارائه می‌دهد، حتی ارزانتر از شهرداری.

به نظر من بزرگترین چیزی که در تبلیغات به دست می‌آید باورپذیری است و هیچ چیز بیشتر از خود محصول باورپذیر نیست.

شرکت تبلیغات محیطی آراد در اصفهان

What is the advertising role in a company's marketing strategy

Along with the campaign, there is a lot of strategic thinking. Advertising is always aligned with a specific marketing objective that includes the brand or company benefits.Advertising is one of the types of marketing activities that increase sales.Getting advice from advertising experts makes a business advertise in such a way that consumers remember it and use that product and service when needed

What damage does unprincipled advertising cause to the brand?

When brands stop advertising for a year or more, we find that sales often decline year over year after the stop (on average, sales drop 16% after one year and 25% after two years).Also, if advertising is not used at the right time and place, it will not help your brand and business visibility. Therefore, an advertising campaign needs a correct and appropriate strategy. In this regard, the experienced consultants of Arad Zarin outdoor Advertising Center can help you in this important matter



Today, effective advertising requires highly targeted and segmented audiences. Every brand has a target audience or an ideal customer group that it tries to attract. If your advertising is more focused on a specific audience, it can be more effective



Effective advertising, in order to achieve its main goal (increasing sales of a particular product or service), must convince customers that a product can satisfy a consumer’s need or improve his life in some way


The advertising nature

Advertising is a type of communication that aims to promote a product or service and encourage purchase. In other words, advertising focuses on influencing buying habits. An outdoor advertising agency should pay attention to this


The principled advertisement criteria

Effective and successful advertising uses various tools such as paying attention to consumers’ feelings, gaining their trust to buy a product. outdoor advertising centers, if they do not use these tools well and do not identify the target audience of each product and service, the public information process will be disrupted

شرکتی که بخاطر صرفه‌جویی در هزینه‌ها، تبلیغات خود را متوقف می‌کند. مانند کسی است که برای صرفه‌جویی در وقت ساعتش را متوقف کند.

آژانس تبلیغات محیطی در تهران

تبلیغات غیر اصولی چه آسیب‌هایی به برند می‌رساند؟

هنگامی که برندها، تبلیغات را برای یک سال یا بیشتر متوقف می‌کنند، متوجه می‌شویم که فروش پس از توقف، اغلب سال به سال کاهش می‌یابد (به طور متوسط، فروش پس از یک سال 16 درصد و پس از دو سال 25 درصد کاهش می‌یابد). همچنین اگر از تبلیغات در زمان و مکان مناسبی استفاده نشود کمک چندانی به دیده شدن برند و کسب‌وکار شما نمی‌کند. بنابراین یک کمپین تبلیغاتی نیاز به استراتژی درست و مناسب دارد. در این راستا کارشناسان و مشاوران مجرب کانون تبلیغات محیطی آراد زرین می‌توانند شما را در این امر مهم یاری نمایند.

معیارهایی برای تبلیغات اصولی

تبلیغات موثر و موفق از ابزارهای مختلفی مانند: توجه به احساسات مصرف‌کنندگان، جلب اعتماد آن‌ها با استفاده از دلایل منطقی برای توجیه خرید یک محصول استفاده می‌کند. کانون‌های تبلیغات محیطی، اگر از این ابزارها به خوبی استفاده نکنند و مخاطبان هدف هر محصول و خدمات را شناسایی نکنند فرایند اطلاع‌رسانی همگانی با اختلال روبه‌رو می‌شود.


ماهیت تبلیغاتی

تبلیغات در هسته خود، نوعی ارتباط است که هدف آن تبلیغ یک محصول یا خدمات و تشویق به خرید است. به‌عبارتی تبلیغات بر روی تأثیرگذاری بر عادات خرید متمرکز است. یک آژانس تبلیغات محیطی باید به این امر توجه ویژه داشته باشد.



تبلیغات مؤثر، برای دستیابی به هدف اصلی خود (افزایش فروش یک محصول یا خدمات خاص)، باید مشتریان را متقاعد کنند که یک محصول می‌تواند نیاز مصرف‌کننده را برطرف نماید یا زندگی او را به نحوی بهبود بخشد.



امروزه تبلیغات موثر، نیازمند مخاطبان بسیار هدفمند و تقسیم‌بندی شده است. هر برند دارای مخاطب هدف یا یک گروه مشتری ایده‌آل است که سعی در جذب آن‌ها دارد. هرچه تبلیغات شما بر روی یک گروه مخاطب متمرکز باشد، می‌تواند موثرتر عمل کند. 

سوالات متداول

Read some of the questions that you may ask at different stages of booking a billboard

How effective is outdoor advertising for a business

outdoor advertising enhances your business marketing efforts and helps you reach your audience and target market more easily with positive and targeted messages. Therefore, it will increase your sales more

What are the barter benefits for businesses?

Basically, clearing is the exchange of goods with goods, which makes it easy for business owners to trade their goods. As a result, all goods or materials go to the carpet. Another advantage of clearing is the absence of a bank or a third party, which makes all the work and agreements between the two sides of the transaction and increases the speed of the transaction

How does branding affect businesses

Branding is an essential part of any business, big or small. An effective brand can attract more people, which in turn can positively affect the growth of your business.The more effectively you promote your product or service, the more people will be aware of it and the more likely you are to convert them into customers. Awareness is how people remember a brand at the exact moment they need a particular product or service

What is the advertising role in a company's marketing strategy

Along with the campaign, there is a lot of strategic thinking. Advertising is always aligned with a specific marketing objective that includes the brand or company benefits.Advertising is one of the types of marketing activities that increase sales


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