Rental of billboards on Haraz Road

Renting a billboard on Haraz Road is one of the best options for environmental advertising. Large business owners are very interested in advertising on this road. Due to its high potential, this road has been able to give high prosperity to various businesses and brands. Environmental advertising has become one of the best types of advertising in the world today. Every business strives to grow and compete in the market and achieve success in this field. In Iran environmental advertising is growing day by day as well. Along with the rapid growth of businesses and occupations and the increase of different brands in Iran, advertising companies are also growing significantly. The number of billboards is increasing every day. Regions, roads and highways of the country are presenting billboard advertisements every day. In this article, we examine the rental of billboards on Haraz Road.

Why rent billboards on Haraz Road?

Some employers may ask why they should advertise billboards on Haraz Road and do their own company? At first, it may seem that they are making their own billboards in Tehran. Because the population density in the capital is very high and the possibility of seeing their ads is high. This is somewhat true, but the price of billboards in Tehran is definitely much higher than renting a billboard on Haraz Road.

So, by renting a billboard on Haraz Road, you can pay less than advertising in Tehran, and due to its high potential and a lot of traffic, you can get the result of the capital to some extent. So, considering the rental price of billboards on Haraz Road, this road will be a good option for your environmental advertising.

Environmental advertising on Haraz Road and its high efficiency

Haraz road is one of the oldest and most amazing roads in Iran and it can be considered the most important road connecting Tehran and Mazandaran, which crosses the Haraz river and creates a pristine nature and landscape along the route.

Another reason for the increase in traffic is due to the short distance from Tehran to Amol, which many people in the northern provinces use to go to the capital. Also, the residents of the capital enter Mazandaran province from this route to go to the north and use its pristine and beautiful nature, and it can be boldly said that during the holidays, especially the ancient holiday of Nowruz, millions of people enter Mazandaran from this road. This reason is enough for business owners to think about advertising on Haraz Road, and many brands and companies have thought about developing their business by renting billboards on Haraz Road.

In the meantime, advertising companies have used the space and potential of Haraz Road and provided advertising opportunities for business owners and brands.

Advantages and disadvantages of renting billboards on Haraz Road

Haraz road billboards mostly have lighting and this advantage has been able to solve the problem of not seeing advertisements at night for business owners. This is a privilege that does not exist on some roads. Passengers and drivers traveling on this road at night can easily see the ads. The same view that exists for billboards during the day can also be found at night.

The disadvantage of billboard advertisements on Haraz Road is its constant and seasonal rains, which may cause the destruction of the texture on the billboard banner at times, especially in winter, which some advertising companies have also identified solutions for this issue. There is no need to worry.

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Rental price of billboards on Haraz road

Haraz road is known as an international and transit road to the north of the country, which is also the communication route between the northern cities of Iran and Firoozkooh road. This is a very good reason, so that there is a lot of competition for renting advertisements on Haraz Road. Because businesses have also realized that the best way to grow their brand is to invest in advertising on Haraz Road.

The price of renting a billboard on Haraz Road varies according to the location, season and time of when the billboard is rented. Business competitors will definitely include this road in their advertising strategies. For detailed information on the price of these billboards, you can contact Arad Holding and consult with our consultants.

Location of Haraz road

Haraz road is a road that passes from the north of Damavand city, through the following points and reaches Amol city:

  • Mashsha valley
  • Abali
  • Imamzadeh Hashem
  • Plur
  • Ab asak
  • Rineh
  • Larija
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