Billboard environmental advertising on Pakdasht Highway

In this article, we will talk about the effect of billboard advertisements on Pakdasht Highway. The location of this city, in terms of location and economy, will help you make a better and safer decision about booking billboards on Pakdasht Highway. Pakdasht is one of the cities of Tehran province and one of the ancient historical cities of Iran. It is located in the southeast of Tehran city on the side of Tehran-Mashhad transit road and its center is Pakdasht city. This city starts from Foron Abad city and leads to Aliabad industrial town (capital).

Pakdasht city is a suitable and important place for billboard environmental advertising due to its communication routes with other surrounding cities and its geographical location. Existence of busy highways and Pakdasht billboards on highways, boulevards and air bridges are very suitable places to display products and services. In addition, Pakdasht highway has a lot of daily traffic due to the passage of cars to Mashhad.

Pakdasht city occupies about 2.3% of the area of Tehran province. This city was upgraded from district to city in 1997, and has two cities, two districts and 64 villages, which are scattered in these two districts. This city has several sand mines, towns and industrial areas. 75% of flower production in Tehran province is cultivated in this city.

This highway is connected to the Tehran-Roodehen axis from 40 km by crossing the east of Jajroud river. Pakdasht is located on the Tehran-Mashhad transit route. In addition to other features of this city, we can mention having three large and active industrial towns in this city, which over time has increased the number of light and heavy vehicles in the area for transit around the clock.

Flowers and ornamental plants are exported from this city to all parts of Iran and even abroad. This has led to more traffic on this highway. This in itself is another reason that confirms the high efficiency of environmental advertising in this direction. The purpose of constructing Pakdasht highway was to reduce road accidents, reduce the volume of traffic due to lack of capacity on the route, as well as provide comfort to the residents of the area in their daily lives. The main and most important purpose of the construction of this highway is to reduce urban traffic in Pakdasht, Khatunabad, Sharifabad for the passage of Semnan and Mashhad road vehicles. In addition to all these reasons, Pakdasht Highway has provided a suitable space for billboard environmental advertising.

Billboard environmental advertising on Pakdasht Highway

“Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad.”

Howard Luck Gossage

Billboard rental tariff on Pakdasht highway

Due to the access of Pakdasht Highway to Semnan and Mashhad provinces, environmental advertising on the side of Pakdasht Highway is a very favorable situation for owners of various industries and businesses. Very high traffic due to its proximity to the city of Tehran, especially during the holidays, has caused the owners of goods and products to apply for renting billboards on Pakdasht Highway. The large volume of traffic on Pakdasht Highway has a significant percentage of brand sales.

Pakdasht has many historical and cultural attractions, including natural and tourist attractions of this city, we can mention a few examples.

  • Blue Dome Bridge
  • The ancient hill of Ermuboy village
  • The ancient bridge of Jito
  • Remains of four gardens in Aliabad belong to the Parthian period

Pakdasht has many historical and cultural attractions. Among the natural and tourist attractions of this city, we can mention a few examples.

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