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تابلو و بیلبورد جاده چالوس نام آشنای بسیاری از کارفرمایان و مدیران شرکت های بزرگ می باشد. افراد زیادی به دنبال رزرو بیلبورد در جاده چالوس می باشند. چالوس از محبوب ترین جاده ها برای کسانی است که در تهران و کرج زندگی می کنند. نام رسمی این جاده، جاده 59 است. شروع این جاده شهر کرج در استان البرز است و نقطه ی پایانی آن شهر چالوس در مازندران می باشد. گفته شده که این جاده یکی از پرجاذبه ترین جاده های جهان است. سفر کردن در این محور بسیار لذت بخش است، چرا که شما در این مسیر بی نظیرترین منظره ها و چشم انداز های طبیعی و زیبا را مشاهده می نمایید. به همین منظور است که این جاده تبدیل به پرطرفدارترین مسیرهای منتهی به شمال کشور شده است، و باعث گردیده تا حجم سنگینی از ترافیک در ایام تعطیلات مشاهده شود و افراد زیادی این مسیر را برای سفر خود به شمال کشور انتخاب نمایند.

Environmental advertising in Chalous price
Environmental advertising in Chalous

Billboard rental and reservation prices on Chalous Road

One of the most important features for installing billboards on the road is the high traffic on that road and highway. Chalous Road is in a very good position in this regard. This road is the way to reach the shores of the Caspian Sea. Especially in summer, millions of people travel to Mazandaran and similar cities. Despite this important feature for this road, advertising on billboards along this route is very important. If you start your journey on this route today, you will see many billboards on Chalous Road. Companies that think to grow their business and increase their identity credibility ostly choose this pass. The price of renting and booking a billboard on Chalous Road, like other billboards, depends on different parameters. Location and time and volume of traffic are the indicators that change prices.

More than £7.3 billion is spent annually on environmental advertising, of which 62% is for billboards.


What are the entrance routes to Chalous Road?

Do not forget that as the manager of a business by booking a billboard on Chalous Road, you can achieve significant growth of your business. This road is not only the tourism hub of Iran, but also known as the tourism hub in the world. You can not ignore the exceptional location of this road. With the right strategy for environmental advertising of your product or company, you can easily introduce your brand to people. Chalous Road has several entrance routes, which you can see below:

  • Entering Chalous Road from Tehran to Karaj (Tehran to North Freeway)
  • Entering from Nowshahr to Chalous road
  • Another main entrance leading to Chalous Road is Ramsar, Tonekabon, Salmanshahr, Clarabad and Namak Abroud.
Billboards on Chalous Road

History of Chalous Road

Before 1312, which is the year of operation of this road, the road was not like this. The communication roads to the villages of Chalous region were dirt roads and were not such as to establish a connection between the north and the south of the country. This road was exploited by Reza Shah during his reign. After the operation of this road, many restaurants and accommodation places were built between the roads. After the years that Amir Kabir Dam was built, the sights and tourist attractions of this road increased.

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