Advertising billboard rental in Arak

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Why is renting advertising billboards effective in Arak?

Renting a billboard in Arak can give great growth to your business. Arak, the capital of Markazi province and with a population of 52,000, is one of the metropolises of Iran. Arak or Iraq Iran is a young city founded during the Qajar period and its new urban fabric has created a good opportunity to install billboards and pedestrian bridges.
Arak is also among the historical cities with high tourism, despite many historical monuments such as the Four Seasons Bath, the Glass Tower, Hassanpour House, Haj Vakil Castle, etc. This issue is one of the main factors in the high impact of environmental advertisement in Arak.

Advertising billboard rental in Arak

Arak, the capital of Iran’s industry, destination for billboard campaigns

Arak ranks first in terms of diversity of industries and second in terms of the existence of parent industries in the country. In general, Arak is one of the four main poles of the country’s industry. Aluminum production, machine building, wagon manufacturing, crane production, mineral salts, etc. are among the industries whose largest factories are located in Arak.

Therefore, it hosts many craftsmen and business managers every year, which is why billboard advertising campaigns in Arak are highly productive.

“Great content is the best sales tool in the world”

Marcus Sheridan
Billboards in Arak

David Mackenzie Ogilvy

David Mackenzie Ogilvy CBE (23 June 1911 – 21 July 1999) was a British advertising tycoon, founder of Ogilvy & Mather, and known as the “Father of Advertising”. Trained at the Gallup research organisation, he attributed the success of his campaigns to meticulous research into consumer habits.

In 1938, Ogilvy persuaded his agency to send him to the United States for a year, where he went to work for George Gallup’s Audience Research Institute in New Jersey. Ogilvy cites Gallup as one of the major influences on his thinking, emphasizing meticulous research methods and adherence to reality.

Climatic conditions of Arak and its effect on advertising efficiency

Farahan plain, Miqan wetland and mountains around Arak have given special features to the climate of this region. The per capita green space in the country is 7.5 square meters per person, while this number reaches 22 square meters in Arak.

Also, the existence of 1300 hectares of green space in this city, every year is a factor in attracting a large number of nature lovers, and this issue causes the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in Arak, especially environmental advertising with whole community.

How to advertise professionally

From the beginning of the formation of human civilization, propaganda is rooted in human life. Advertising was originally in the form of modern slavery and has gradually become a source of employment. Advertising is the business spirit and the marketing unit of any organization is responsible for product introduction, professional advertising, etc. The choice of advertising method (environmental, print, television, etc.) as well as the type of advertising strategy (package, serial, etc.) is the responsibility of the business unit. Did you know that environmental advertising as the premier medium is the most sustainable method among advertising media? To read more, click the button below.

Advertising investment in Arak, the medical center of western Iran

Arak is the main cancer treatment center in western Iran. The area of medical facilities in Arak is about 60,000 square meters and has become a destination for many patients by allocating two hospitals, Amirkabir and Ayatollah Khansari, for cancer treatment.

Therefore, it will have a high efficiency for displaying advertising campaigns of brands with medical and pharmaceutical avtivities.

In view of all the above, spending on environmental advertising in Arak is economically justified.

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