Price of billboards in Isfahan

Implementation of advertising campaigns in Isfahan province

Isfahan is famous as half of the world, this fame can be heard beyond of this land. This province, with its diverse cultural, artistic, historical and natural attractions and being in the transit route of the country, annually receives millions of domestic and foreign tourists. This factor is the best economic justification to implement advertising campaigns in Isfahan.

Advertising billboards in Isfahan
Price of billboards in Isfahan

Billboard advertisements in Isfahan roads

Isfahan has a special geographical location due to its location in the center of the country and in the transit routes from north to south and east to west. Therefore, this special location has led to the formation of several industrial towns, including: Mahmud Abad (the cradle of Iran’s stone), Jey industrial town, Mobarakeh Steel and ESCO (These two ones are the most important), etc.
For this reason, Isfahan has become the second metropolis of the country with a population of more than five million, the center of attention of advertisers to receive the most economic returns from their advertising campaigns.

Saying from David Mackenzie Ogilvy

David Aguilar (June 1911 – July 1999) was a prominent British advertising director, to the point that he was dubbed the “father of advertising”.
He started his career at the Gallup Institute and in 1948, with the help of Mr. Muther, established the Aglivia Advertising Agency to implement his advertising ideas. In 1962, Time magazine named Aglivia an advertising wizard. Aglivi is now the eighth largest advertising agency in the world with around 18,000 employees in 120 countries.

Easy-to-pay billboards in Isfahan

Isfahan province is the most populous city in the country after the capital of Iran with a population of over 5 million people. As a result, this is another important economic justification capability for unveiling the brand and business of industry owners in the field of environmental advertising in this province.
The advertising consultants of Arad Clinic believe that successful advertising campaigns have the least advertising budget and the most economic feedback, which the province can greatly contribute to these goals. Creating advertising campaigns with the highest efficiency requires examining the strengths and weaknesses of each company, including product information processing, brand position within competitors, sales chart, advertising goal and finally the budget needed for each campaign. Doing this without the presence of experts in this industry is irrational. Without presence of them the investment would be wasted.

Advertising billboards in Isfahan

Important factors in billboard advertising in Isfahan province

Isfahan joined the network of creative cities of the world under the supervision of UNESCO in December 2015 along with Rasht. Isfahan has 15 urban areas. Cultural heritage officials of Isfahan province believe that there are more than 22,000 valuable historical and cultural attractions in this province, which attract domestic and foreign tourists and provide a suitable platform for environmental advertisement in Isfahan.

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