Essential key points in designing environmental advertisements

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Essential key points in designing environmental advertisements

The world of advertising has a very wide space and every day we see the emergence of new ideas and methods in this field. Environmental advertising is one of the most widely used advertising methods in the world today.
From the beginning of the formation of the civilization of societies, propaganda is rooted in the heart of human social life. From religious and political positions to the direct relationship between the existence and access to goods, propaganda is present in all aspects of human social life. However, the importance of propaganda and its spread as a science began in the late 19th century and continues to this day.

Avoid newspaper design:
One of the valuable points of billboard design is to avoid unnecessary explanations. This not only visually reduces the attractiveness of the banner, but also in terms of content emphasis will prevent the main message from being transmitted in the desired time (3 seconds). With the help of a professional designer with content production skills, the advertising message can be conveyed to the audience in the shortest time and in the most effective way.
Use of corporate color:
One of the key points in advertising design is the use of a single organizational color. Using a single color in all product-related designs, including packaging, advertising, logos, etc., makes branding possible in less time. It also keeps the name and branch of the organization’s activity in the minds of the audience. Assigning a specific color to the brand is one of the most important design points to consider. Of course, choosing a color for the organization also requires knowledge of the concepts of colors.

Tips for billboard design

1. Simplicity

Getting more attention is in simplicity. Therefore, advertisements with crowded design do not produce the desired result. Including things like: office address, contact number, social media address are some of the mistakes that in banner design lead to reduced visits and conclusions.

2. Offer an attractive suggestion

By offering exceptional conditions such as 50% discount for a limited time or similar cases, a wider range of customers can be attracted.

3. Create a sense of urgency

One of the things that causes a quick and positive reaction from the audience is creating a sense of lagging behind others, the golden time limit, the special privileges period limit, and so on.

4. Use of image

The images and graphics you use should help convey the advertising message better and faster and relate exactly to the product or service being advertised.

5. Use the appropriate font

The font used in advertising design should not be too small or too large. Also, using broken and illegible fonts is one of the design mistakes of advertising billboards.

6. Having a box

People’s eyes instinctively read the content within a certain frame more accurately. Using this principle, banner design is done more productively.

One of the common mistakes of managers is to hire beginners for designing. Designing your own billboards is a specialty. For various reasons, such as short time to submit content (about 3 seconds), long eye distance from the billboard, etc. should use an expert designer. Also, producing appropriate advertising content, we will have the highest percentage of customer attraction.

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