What is the role of successful advertising in marketing?

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Environmental advertising price flexibility

Contrary to popular belief, environmental advertising has a high price flexibility. In the screening of environmental advertising campaigns with the help of consultants active in this field, there are various options regarding the location of environmental advertising, the number of media and the screening period of the campaign. With the right arrangement of these factors together, you can have ads with far-fetched feedback.

Advertise neighborhood by neighborhood

Imagine a manufacturing company that produces a variety of heating products from heaters, packages to splits. The company has a different target community to promote each of its products. It is sold better in sultry provinces due to its dual function. The same is true for any product. Therefore, in order to run targeted advertising, a specific product can be advertised in accordance with the habits of the target community in that area. Such an advertising campaign will certainly show higher feedback than single product advertising.

Screening of several advertising models

In environmental advertising, you can use psychological patterns to impress your audience in the long run. The cost of replacing advertising content on billboards is not high, and you can upgrade your message delivery model depending on the goals at any time.

Display ads for a long time

In branding, you have to live in a corner of your audience’s mind and be present in their daily lives. Certainly methods such as choosing a specific advertising slogan and logo are very effective. Your constant presence in the daily life of your target community will establish a strong branding for you and your product. However, in many media, this long-term presence is not possible for various reasons. To solve this problem, Arad Advertising Company has made several investments in the field of construction of pedestrian bridges throughout the country, and in return, it obtains the privilege of displaying advertisements on the decks of these bridges for 15 consecutive years. This investment not only solves the problem of time, but also reduces the cost of renting billboards, resulting in a very low overall advertising cost.

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