The magic of color and its high impact on professional advertising


The psychology of color in advertising

Today, research on color and its effects is very popular among various researchers. The first reason for the importance of color is due to the faster processing of optical signals received by the visual system than audio signals by the auditory system. In 1802, Thomas Young (18th century physicist) proved this by defining the experiment with a glowing body.
Colors are used as a symbol of a value. These values can be the same at the level of a country and even internationally, for example, white is used as a symbol of international peace.

Main colors


(Energy, War, Danger, Power, Empathy, Love, Anger, Courage, Excitement, Speed, Warmth)

Red has the highest threshold of excitement in humans and is an exciting color and appetite stimulant. It also tempts the customer to buy.
Suitable areas for using this color: food industry, fashion, sports, emergency services


(Bright, illuminating, warming, sunny, radiant)

Yellow is a symbol of glory and color of happiness, energy and vitality. Yellow is also reminiscent of the sun.
Suitable areas for using this color: baby accessories, entertainment products, food, automotive technology


(Steady, calm, cool, silent, trustworthy, truth, depression, cold, winter, conservative)

Blue is stability and trust. This color also identifies an important message for the audience.
Suitable areas for using this color: pharmacy, science, treatment, counseling, treatment



Symbol of growth, harmony, freshness, fertility, security, money, survival, luxury, optimism, health, nature, composure, peace, spring, honesty.

Suitable business areas for use: Pharmacy, Science, Management and Recruitment, Tourism


Symbol of joy, sunshine, passion, charm, happiness, creativity, confidence, success, encouragement, excitement, cheapness, aggression, Halloween, politics.

Suitable business areas for use: road construction, finance, mining, oil, cosmetics, manufacturing.


Symbol of loyalty, power, genius, luxury, greed, wealth, extremes, wisdom, greatness, independence, creativity, mystery, magic, dignity.

Suitable business areas for use: astronomy, yoga, therapy, spirituality.

Neutral colors


Power, dignity, formality, death, malice, mystery, depression, sickness, night.

Formal and stylish colors; Black in combination with light colors creates a penetrating color.


Light, goodness, purity, purity, perfection, freshness, peace, simplicity, snow, cold.

Suitable business areas for use: pharmaceuticals, science, high-tech products.

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