The importance of advertising management

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Advertising management process

Advertising management is actually a complex process of using different media to sell a product or service. This process begins with field research and involves developing advertising campaigns with various media outlets that greatly help sell the product. The importance of advertising in marketing is such that it affects the sales chart up to 70%.

Selection of product introduction method by the business unit

In the life cycle of a product, the most important role is played by the type of introduction, which is the responsibility of the commercial unit of the collection. Sometimes collection managers consider advertising as the final step in introducing a product and expect it to come from selling the product itself, but smart managers and marketing activists are aware that advertising is the first step. Product introduction is considered and in fact advertising is a kind of investment. By examining the statistics, it is obvious that environmental advertising with difference is the best way to introduce the product and branding.


How to form a think tank

The think tank was first formally established in the United States during World War II. At that time, a certain number of commanders gathered in a special and safe room to exchange military strategies. Over time, these communities became study and research groups, and the think tank became modern. Today, having a think tank is essential for any organization and its vacuum is a serious managerial injury. Managers are busy with administrative work and attending meetings and do not have enough time to think and be creative.

Thought Room Tasks

The think tank is a study and research center where applied research is conducted. It is also the responsibility of the think tank to create and formulate new ideas and then turn raw proposals into precise and enforceable policies and programs and ultimately present them to the main decision maker.

In general, the first role of the think tank is to create a bridge between idea and action. In the next steps, it is the responsibility of the think tank to provide the final ideas on how to do each step from introduction to advertising. The management of advertisements and advertising campaigns is the responsibility of the think tank manager.

Choice of advertising strategy

The first step in advertising management is market research. At this stage, data related to product marketing, product life chart, implemented strategies and product target market are extracted by the advertising expert. Then the appropriate types of ads for a particular product are identified. Today, in addition to print, television, radio, and cell phones are also available as advertising media. The advertising management process actually helps to define the outline of the media campaign and decide on the type of advertising before the product is launched. Advertising management is the decision of the type of content provided for various advertising campaigns, including radio, print, television, and at the top of them, environmental advertising as the top media. This content can be in the form of closed ads, serial ads, etc. Due to the importance of advertising in marketing, choosing the right advertising strategy is one of the most important steps in business.

Advertising campaign design

Campaigns may also be designed as a combination of several media to complement each other. The very important thing is that the advertising management can design all the strategies in such campaigns in a complementary way so that it does not seem to the public that radio and television advertisements emphasize different factors, but should be seen in terms of General All ads on a product focus on one aspect. In the end the whole process should be in favor of the product or service.

Designing an advertising campaign is not a small task and understanding consumer behavior from the data collected from market research is a very important aspect of how to design a campaign.

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