The impact of field research on environmental advertising

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The impact of field research on environmental advertising

Field research is one of the most reliable methods of gathering information to identify a particular subject or trait among individuals or even animals.

Researchers use a variety of methods (discussed below) to study a specific behavior in response to a given situation.

The relationship between field research and environmental advertising

The background of advertising of any kind is field research. Understanding the target community, examining the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and successful brands in the same field, is one of the requirements to start an advertising campaign that is made possible by field research. In field research, it should be considered that the statistical population of the group is not small and uniform.

With proper and comprehensive field research before any advertising, we will have a high sales increase. Advertising without research is also a waste of time and money.
In designing environmental advertising campaigns, how to choose the place and time of screening is of particular importance. One of the effective ways to select these two topics is to conduct field research. By analyzing the collected data and identifying the right place and time, the highest efficiency of billboard advertising is achieved.

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