Solutions to increase the multiplier of advertising with the same budget

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Multiply the efficiency of advertising

Many businesses rely on advertising to increase sales and attract customers. But advertising, and especially the continued presence of business owners in this field, especially in today’s sluggish economy, can be exhausting.

Environmental advertising costs for many businesses is a bitter pill to be swallowed.

This article discusses the points that while maintaining the effectiveness of environmental advertising, we can also reduce its costs. Advertising is the only tool that exposes your business products or services to customers and sets you apart from other competitors. Although advertising in a challenging business environment introduces you as a powerful market player, most business owners are still looking for ways to control their advertising costs.

Create a centralized advertising program:

First of all, we recommend that you resist the temptations of the media sellers who are introduced to you. Today, ads without feedback can be seen in the product portfolio. Create an advertising program that reflects your business goals and includes specific annual events. The goal of this product is to sell the product. Set a budget for this program and stick to your financial goals throughout the year.

Work primarily with a professional graphic designer:

Choose a professional graphic designer who has the ability to easily depict your ideas in creative advertising. Provide your designer with information about your product. He can generate your own advertising template and create a unique design for you to avoid unnecessary costs.

Plan for targeted advertising opportunities:

The high cost of downtown advertising may consume our advertising budget without feedback. Advertising of luxury goods in luxury areas of the city is fruitful. That is why the routes of international airports are considered by reputable brands. Targeted advertising is the most important element in reducing advertising costs. If we are a manufacturer of industrial air conditioners, we should advertise in the traffic route of industry owners.

Reduce your ad frequency:

We examine the two words reach and ferequency in advertising in a specialized way. Rich refers to the number of people who see your ad, and the frequency refers to the number of times those people have seen the ad.
Experience shows that if you have a screen in a part of the city for three months, it is time to change. If you do not use advertising serial content, you should increase the reach by using new billboards in other parts of the city. Of course, we note that this shift for serial advertising needs to return to the first billboard after three months, and the formation of a serial advertising cycle is mandatory. However the frequency ceiling is controllable. Repetition of fixed ads without changing the design and idea after three months may even have the opposite effect. In serial advertising, budget is not the main factor. At the same time as the frequency increases, reach is reached and we will not have repetition and fatigue of advertising. For example, with a fixed budget, instead of 4 strategic advertising points in 12 months, we can have them displayed in 8 advertising billboards in 6 months, and in this way, the number of reach can be doubled and the frequency can be halved at the same cost.

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