Secrets of success of world famous brands

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Ford Motors Company

Ford’s strategy is based on staying the same. In fact, Ford has given customers a sense of familiarity and penetrated deep into their hearts by gaining the trust of customers and not changing policies.
This consistency is felt by the short name of the company and the Ford logo. The name and logo were chosen by Ford Father.
Ford’s story is popular among car lovers and as one of the most important companies in Detroit, it offers admirable products.

Paying attention to the opinions, criticisms and suggestions of customers and acting according to the needs of the audience are among the immutable policies of this company.

Ford Company Logo
Nike company logo

Nike; This company is practical!

The company’s website says about the company’s vision and goal: “Creativity and innovation for all athletes around the world” and added: “If you have a body, then you are an athlete.”

Nike is one of the most attractive sportswear manufacturers among athletes with a strategy of relying on customer needs. The company uses the lucrative advice of one of the world’s largest marketers, Kevin Lynn Keller. The company is very insistent on implementing creativity and suggestions and is always moving towards success. One of the most practical products of this company is sports technologies such as Nike Air. Innovation and creativity build customer trust because the customer believes that you know better what you are doing. In this way, Nike gains the trust of customers around the world and offers new products based on their needs.


Starbucks is headquartered in Seattle, USA. With 20,000 branches worldwide, the company is in fact the largest coffee shop chain in the world.
One of the constant policies of this company is the constant communication between people. This connection is created with various creations such as providing free internet services, a suitable environment for holding public gatherings, and so on. The service environments of this coffee shop are designed in such a way that people can easily interact with each other. Another strategy of Starbucks is to have the same price in stores around the world.

Starbucks brand


Southwest airline

SOUTHWEST airlines are different from others

This low-cost airline has appeared among other unique airlines. The policy of this airline is to provide exclusive open space to passengers.
Southwest has been known since the beginning for breaking the law and independence. In fact, these airlines owe their success to this activity and the culture of cooperation has always been an independent brand and has broken the usual rules of the airlines. The success of this airline stems from the fact that the activity and culture of cooperation of each company is unique to it and it must behave in its own way. The company, with reasonable prices and excellent service, takes passengers from one place to another. This airline does not charge passengers for cargo, while other companies do.


Nordstrom Special attention to the customer

When you are a customer of a company that has strong support, you must make sure that you have made the right choice. All of Nordstrom’s efforts and attention are on customer satisfaction and ongoing support. The company’s products are sold in 230 stores worldwide. Nordstrom services include sending emails of new product images to regular customers or sending a thank you message after purchase. The competitive prices of this brand are another reason for its success.
The price of Nordstrom products is not low, but customers do not complain about this, and when they buy from them constantly, that is, they have no problem in terms of price. All the focus of this American company is on providing services to customers.

Nordstrom Company
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