Sazeh Sazan Industrial Group

One of the ideas of the think tank experts of this complex was to build pedestrian bridges in various forms and use them to carry out environmental advertisements and reduce the budget of advertising campaigns as much as possible.

Pedestrian bridge design

Supervision by structural engineers from design to execution

Production of pedestrian bridges

Production of pedestrian bridges and heavy metal structures

Construction of a pedestrian bridge

Construction of huge metal structures with industrial machinery

Exploitation of constructed bridges

Exploitation of pedestrian bridges on front for advertising by Arad Environmental Advertising Clinic

The largest contractor of the Transport and Municipalities Organization in the metropolises of Iran

It should be noted that this company, as the largest contractor of the Transport and Municipality Organization, in the country’s metropolises, including Tehran, Karaj, Holy Mashhad, Isfahan, Tabriz, Shiraz, Mazandaran, Kerman, Urmia, Gilan and Qeshm Island and…. is operating as a B.O.T.

Employment of dozens of people across the country
This, which requires a lot of knowledge and experience, not only helps to reduce the cost of making billboards, but also with the intention of serving the citizens, design, production, installation and implementation of these projects, leads to employment of dozens of people around the country.
Great service to the city and its citizens
On the other hand, this operation in order to create welfare, by protecting the lives of our dear compatriots against injuries and dangers, ensures the security of the city and its citizens. In addition, the government and the municipalities have used this great development measure in order to provide better and better services.
Production of massive metal structures
Production of massive metal structures In this regard, Arad Economic Group has produced and constructed pedestrian bridges in a fully industrial production complex equipped with mechanized and semi-mechanized devices. Among the products of massive metal structures, the following can be mentioned: – The second largest pedestrian bridge in the country after the Nature Bridge, located in East Azerbaijan Province – Production of ramp bridges, revolving, fixed, mechanized (escalator) and semi-mechanized (elevator)

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