Rental of billboards in Qom


Why environmental advertising is highly effective in Qom?

Environmental advertising in Qom can be considered as a high-ranking option for the efficiency of environmental advertising. Qom is one of the most central provinces of the country and is located in the south of Tehran province and north of Isfahan. The existence of this province acts as a bridge between the north and south of the country and therefore is always one of the central high-traffic routes.
Traffic in Qom province is high in all seasons and the city’s transportation routes host a significant number of people. Therefore, advertising billboards in Qom can provide the desired product and services in the best way. For this reason, booking a billboard in Qom province has economic justification.

Rental of billboards in Qom

Qom, a religious hub

The most important factor of economic prosperity in Qom province is the aspect of religious tourism. The shrine of Imam Masoumeh (AS) is located in this province and every year a large number of pilgrims visit Qom.
Also, the existence of Jamkaran Mosque, which has a special place for the lovers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in this province, has turned Qom into one of the religious poles of the country. The constant presence of pilgrims in this province is the reason for the high number of visits to advertising billboards, therefore, environmental advertising in Qom is economical.

Advertising billboards in Qom

Dan Wieden

Dan Wieden (born 1945) is an American advertising executive who co-founded Wieden+Kennedy and coined the Nike tagline “Just Do It.”

He and David Kennedy were listed as number 22 on the Advertising Age 100 ad people of the 20th century. He was named one of America’s 25 most intriguing entrepreneurs by Inc.

Wieden has been Oregon’s Professional of the Year, Oregon’s Entrepreneur of the Year, one of the world’s 50 CyberElite by Time magazine, and one of 32 members of the One Club Creative Hall of Fame.

Why billboard advertising campaign in Qom?

Qom province is also one of the most important provinces in terms of agriculture. Annually, over 300 thousand tons of crops are exploited in this province. Due to all the above, many people travel to this city every year for pilgrimage, economy, agriculture. Therefore, the use of billboard advertising in Qom is associated with attracting the maximum audience.

“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”

Mark Twain

The miracle of color choice in the effectiveness of environmental advertising

Specialized studies of environmental advertising efficiency show that the use of color psychology in the advertising industry is one of the main pillars. Proper use of color tools in advertising design has a tremendous effect on attracting the audience’s attention. Also, by using the psychological effect of colors, we can arouse emotions such as: passion, excitement, temptation, etc. in people, which is the key to the success of many advertising campaigns. You are invited to read the rest of the article on the magic of color and its high impact on professional advertising.

The effect of tourism on the efficiency of environmental advertising in Qom

Qom, in addition to religious places, has many natural tourist attractions. Existence of salt desert (salt lake) which is one of the sights of the country
There are also many mountains in Qom, including: Sefidkuh, Siah Kuh, Gol Tappeh, Kuh Namak. These areas are the cause of the presence of many tourists.

Vegetation is dense in the south and west of Qom. For example, the slopes of Kolah Ghazi Mountain with lush pastures and the Nasiri aqueduct are host to nature lovers. Therefore, Qom is a good destination for billboard advertising with the target public.

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