Increase sales with billboard advertising in Ilam


Increase sales with billboard advertising in Ilam

Billboard advertising in Ilam can be a good option for those who want to increase sales of their products and services. Ilam province is one of the western provinces of Iran. This province is located in a mountainous and semi-warm area. Ilam is the name of the capital of this province. In the neighborhood of this province, Iraq is located from the west, Khuzestan province from the south, Lorestan province from the east and Kermanshah from the north.

Billboard advertising in Ilam
Advertising billboards in Ilam

The importance of billboard advertising in Ilam

With billboard advertisements in Ilam, you can achieve desirable results in the field of business growth. Ilam is one of the cities where there is a busy airport. Ilam Martyrs International Airport, which is located in the southeast of Ilam city, is the main airport of Ilam province. There are domestic and international flights at this airport. There are seventy-four flights a week at this airport.

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Billboard rental price and tariff in Ilam

The city of Ilam, due to the fact that several mountains have been built around it, has a milder climate than other parts of the province. Among the mountains around Ilam, there is a beautiful and eye-catching rabbit hill. Also, the beautiful purple valley is impressive in those areas.

Today, this city is known as the political-administrative center of Ilam province in the west of the country. This city is one of the most prominent cities in the province due to its forest promenade and many historical and ancient monuments.

Billboard rental prices and tariffs in Ilam have various prices based on various factors. Contact Arad Holding Consultants for advice and information on the exact price of the billboards.

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