Environmental advertising in Zanjan

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Why advertising investment in Zanjan?

Environmental advertising in Zanjan has long been the focus of companies and business owners. Zanjan province is one of the industrial hubs in the fields of lead and zinc, chemical products, textiles, food products and also pasteurized milk, and for this reason, this city is among the busiest cities for managers and craftsmen. Zanjan Knife and Carpet Weaving Industries are also among the important export industries.
For this reason, businessmen and CEOs of commercial companies also come to this city, and this maximizes the efficiency of environmental advertising in Zanjan.

Environmental advertising in Zanjan

The best advertising time in Zanjan?

To choose the most appropriate time to display ads, various elements such as: target market, product type, etc. should be studied.

Despite the cold climate, Zanjan is considered four seasons in terms of advertising, because, due to the diversity of industries in this city, traffic is wide at all times of the year.

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it well enough yourself”

Albert Einsteen
Billboard rental in Zanjan

How to advertise professionally

From the beginning of the formation of human civilization, propaganda is rooted in human life. Advertising was originally in the form of modern slavery and has gradually become a source of employment. Advertising is the business spirit and the marketing unit of any organization is responsible for product introduction, professional advertising, etc. The choice of advertising method (environmental, print, television, etc.) as well as the type of advertising strategy (package, serial, etc.) is the responsibility of the business unit. Did you know that environmental advertising as the premier medium is the most sustainable method among advertising media? To read more, click the button below.

The impact of advertising strategy on product branding

Zanjan has suitable topographic conditions and flat lands with a slope of 2% in the mountainous region and also the communication route of the Central Plateau of Iran to the region of Azerbaijan, so the heavy traffic of Zanjan-Khalkhal and Zanjan-Tarom axes is continuous and this has caused Billboards in Zanjan have economic justification.

The price of environmental advertising in Zanjan?

Zanjan, in terms of area, is one of the most densely populated cities in terms of urban traffic. The price of billboard advertising in Zanjan is very reasonable compared to the high efficiency. The construction of the electricity and electronics town has turned Zanjan into one of the poles of the country. And this promises the development of this province as much as possible to the audience of advertisement.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Leonardo Da Vinci

Why billboards in Zanjan?

Zanjan province is located in Zanjanchai valley on the main road from Tehran to Tabriz. In addition to the population of about 450,000 living in the province,
Due to the existence of many tourist attractions, including:
Soltanieh Dome,
Dash Kasan Temple,
Katle Khor Cave,
Stone Caravanserai,
Goljik Cave and…,
This province annually hosts many tourists, which leads to the conclusion of more and more billboards in Zanjan. Zanjan, with a significant share of the population aged 25 to 40, is a good destination for campaigns with the target of youth community.

Brief biography of Jef Richards Ph.D.

Jeff I Richards is Professor and Head of Publicity and Public Relations at Michigan State University. He was an advertising professor at the University of Texas at Austin from 1989 to 2010, serving as director of the advertising department from 1998 to 2002.
His research covers advertising regulatory issues and he has published more than 80 articles, books and book chapters. He has served on the editorial boards of Advertising Magazine, Journal of Daily Issues and Advertising Research, Advertising Education Magazine, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Consumer Affairs Magazine, Interactive Advertising Magazine, Advertising and Association Review, and Editor of International Internet Marketing Magazine And advertising.

Why an advertising campaign in Zanjan?

Zanjan, as the hub of the electricity industry, has the ability to meet all the needs of heavy products and high pressure of the country. Despite its various production units in the electricity industry, this province, as the largest producer of products required by the Middle East electricity industry,
It has provided a special opportunity to save currency and expand the export of non-oil products in the country. Due to its special place in this industry, this region is a permanent host for activists in this field. Zanjan also has reserves of precious and semi-precious stones such as agate, fluorine, malachite, etc. and it has turned into permanent destinations for employees of this branch. Therefore, billboard advertising in Zanjan will have a good return.

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