Environmental advertising in Lorestan


Billboards in the streets; Pedestrian bridge rudders help you create the most visibility by your target audience using proven patterns. It also helps you grow your brand. Many businesses think that they have gained a foothold in the market after introducing the product and gaining the right sales; But they are unaware that the competitive market is introducing new products every day.

Lorestan province, as one of the target cities for billboard advertising, is located on the Tehran-Khuzestan highway and is a city of communication and strategic importance. It is also one of the most populous provinces in Iran with a population of about five million. This will greatly enhance your success with billboard advertising in this city.

Environmental advertising in Lorestan

Rental tariff for billboards

The items that should be considered when renting a billboard in Lorestan province are categorized as follows.


One of the key factors in running an effective billboard in the consumer’s mind is to make sure they can be seen in the first place. If a billboard is placed behind traffic signs, trees or other objects, its view will be obstructed. Obstacles can damage advertising opportunities. If the billboard does not match your goals, it is usually referred to as a waste of money.

For example, in any city, an area that has commercial-service centers, or in other words, is a shopping center for citizens, is known as the city center. And in the city of Khorramabad, these shopping centers can definitely be one of the target places for environmental advertising of businesses. The center of Lorestan city also has significant traffic and congestion, which is also due to the frequent movement of citizens to meet the needs and necessities of life. You should not ignore the billboards of this space.

Dan Wieden

Dan Wieden (born 1945) is an American advertising executive who co-founded Wieden+Kennedy and coined the Nike tagline “Just Do It.”

He and David Kennedy were listed as number 22 on the Advertising Age 100 ad people of the 20th century. He was named one of America’s 25 most intriguing entrepreneurs by Inc.

Wieden has been Oregon’s Professional of the Year, Oregon’s Entrepreneur of the Year, one of the world’s 50 CyberElite by Time magazine, and one of 32 members of the One Club Creative Hall of Fame.

Traffic rate

When renting billboards in Lorestan, keep in mind that billboards attract the most attention on busy roads. Research the amount of traffic in the area where you plan to place your billboard. The more traffic, the more eyes will fall on your billboard.

When choosing a billboard in a location, consider the amount of traffic. Lorestan province is one of the mountainous provinces in western Iran. Lorestan is a historical and ancient province and for this reason it is very important and is a tourist destination in Iran.

How serial advertising has impact on the audience

Ability to provide content in a long time in a simple and conceptual way to attract the audience: The first step is to interpret the concept of serial advertising and separate it from the advertising series. In designing advertising billboards, presenting story content is inherently attractive, which aims to attract the audience’s attention and create mental curiosity to follow the next content, content transfer is more effective. With other measures such as: -increasing the productivity of advertising by cultivating an -idea in the context of the story, -increasing audience follow-up using serial strategy, -providing a detailed plan and target market analysis and -selecting the main topic as the core of serial advertising. It is possible to increase the ratio of attracting the audience to the visit to the highest level and play the greatest possible effect in attracting the customer. If you wish, you can read the whole article by clicking below.

Advantages of using billboard environmental advertising in Lorestan

Audiences can get a lot of information about product specifications, purchase information, etc. by using environmental advertisements of businesses in Lorestan. It is also possible to provide new information to the audience in the fastest time by using environmental advertisements. Another advantage of advertising in Lorestan is that institutions can attract the attention of the audience and create interest in their company and products.

Tourist and historical attractions of Lorestan and its impact on billboard advertising

Lorestan province is one of the most beautiful provinces of Iran and has great historical importance. Lorestan has been called the bride of Iran because of its beautiful nature. This province receives many tourists every year. Due to the tourism nature of this province, billboard advertisements have a high response. Among the tourist attractions of this province, the following can be mentioned:

1- Falak-e-Aflak Castle: Falak-e-Aflak Castle is a historical castle and national monuments of Iran.

2- Ab-e Sefid waterfall: Ab-e Sefid waterfall is one of the attractive and spectacular waterfalls in Lorestan province.

3- Kalmakareh Cave: Kalmakareh Cave is a historical cave that is very important in this regard.

Renting advertising billboards in Lorestan creates fast awareness and customer loyalty to the services and goods of institutions. At the entrances and exits of Lorestan province, it is one of the desirable spaces for renting billboards, which is very important in terms of effectiveness. The entrances of Lorestan province have a high level of efficiency all year round. Due to high traffic in Lorestan province, environmental advertising plays an essential role in the growth of your business.

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