Environmental advertising in Bushehr

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Why is environmental advertising effective in Bushehr?

Environmental advertising in Bushehr can have high potential for the growth of your business and brand. Bushehr province has more than six hundred kilometers of sea border with the Persian Gulf and is of great economic importance. Export and import of various goods from these ports in all seasons of the province has become one of the main destinations of traders. Bushehr province has many commercial ports, including Bushehr port and commercial, oil and industrial wharves.
Production of more than several thousand tons of 6 types of dates and their export is one of the most important reasons for Bushehr’s economic prosperity.
Bushehr Port International Airport, which is one of the first three airports in Iran, has a large number of international flights to more than 10 countries and more than 20 domestic flights daily.

Therefore, the movement of traders and merchants to this province in all seasons is high and environmental advertising in this province will have the maximum efficiency.

Environmental advertising in Bushehr

Economic justification of environmental advertising in Bushehr

Another factor that always makes Bushehr province host many travelers is the many tourist attractions in Bushehr.

Ghocharak hot spring in Delvar city, Niayeshgah Mand, Hillah protected area with unique nature…, Cyrus Palace, Jashk salt salt dome, Bushehr Persian Gulf Maritime Museum, Amirieh mansion
They are one of the most famous scenic areas of Bushehr that attract many people to this city every year. Many coastal areas, rocky and sandy beaches, coral beaches as well as wavy beaches are also favorite places for sea lovers to travel. Existence of high traffic to this province makes the advertising billboards in Bushehr attract an acceptable audience.

“A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself.”

David Ogilvy
Advertising billboard rental in Bushehr

Dan Wieden

Dan Wieden (born 1945) is an American advertising executive who co-founded Wieden+Kennedy and coined the Nike tagline “Just Do It.”

He and David Kennedy were listed as number 22 on the Advertising Age 100 ad people of the 20th century. He was named one of America’s 25 most intriguing entrepreneurs by Inc.

Wieden has been Oregon’s Professional of the Year, Oregon’s Entrepreneur of the Year, one of the world’s 50 CyberElite by Time magazine, and one of 32 members of the One Club Creative Hall of Fame.

Bushehr, the cradle of industry, the destination of advertising billboards

Bushehr is one of the most prosperous provinces in terms of industry. As the main hub of the electricity industry in the country (which is one of the three main industries), this province is the cause of employment of a large number of people and the constant movement of activists in this field. Also, the ice making and printing industry is very prosperous in this province.

Billboards in Bushehr
Book Billboards in Bushehr

Why billboard advertising campaign in Bushehr?

The presence of the Persian Gulf in the coastal areas of Bushehr province causes permanent humidity in this province. Humidity also prevents the temperature from decreasing in winter and increasing too much in summer, so the difference between day and night temperatures and temperature differences in different seasons in this province is small. This factor has caused many craftsmen to travel to Bushehr all days of the year, and this makes billboard advertisements in Bushehr more responsive.

How to advertise professionally

From the beginning of the formation of human civilization, propaganda is rooted in human life. Advertising was originally in the form of modern slavery and has gradually become a source of employment. Advertising is the business spirit and the marketing unit of any organization is responsible for product introduction, professional advertising, etc. The choice of advertising method (environmental, print, television, etc.) as well as the type of advertising strategy (package, serial, etc.) is the responsibility of the business unit. Did you know that environmental advertising as the premier medium is the most sustainable method among advertising media? To read more, click the button below.

Why are billboards in Bushehr economical?

Bushehr (the capital of Bushehr province) is the third most populous city in southern Iran. With several fishing poles and large ports, this city is one of the main centers of fishing and distribution of aquatic animals throughout the country. More than 14 types of fish, 3 types of shrimp and 3 types of crabs are caught in Bushehr.

One of the most valuable export handicrafts of Iran is kilim, which is one of the main centers of kilim weaving in Bushehr. In view of all that has been said, the price of environmental advertising in Bushehr is very reasonable compared to its efficiency.

Book Billboards in Bushehr
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