Do you benefit from the effects of billboard advertising on Kish Island?

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Do you benefit from the effects of billboard advertising on Kish Island?

Today, company managers have many choices when buying and booking billboards on Kish Island. On average, more than 1.7 million tourists visit the coral island annually. In fact, research shows that managers visit the websites of advertising agencies an average of 140 times before booking a billboard. These people visit the entrance and exit routes, the amount of traffic and the details of the information of the municipalities and other advertising centers. But the highest number of visits is related to the website of advertising companies.

Billboard advertising on Kish Island
Billboard prices in Kish

The most important streets of Kish for advertising

The most important street of Kish Island is Ferdowsi Street, which completely follows the principles of modern urban planning and the excellent lighting of this street has provided the conditions for night walks. On the other hand, the most important shopping malls, shopping malls and hypermarkets are on this street, and access to everything will be possible by entering this street.

Brief biography of Jef Richards Ph.D.

Jeff I Richards is Professor and Head of Publicity and Public Relations at Michigan State University. He was an advertising professor at the University of Texas at Austin from 1989 to 2010, serving as director of the advertising department from 1998 to 2002.
His research covers advertising regulatory issues and he has published more than 80 articles

Are Billboards Still Effective?

Another study also found that about 75 percent of customers who sign a contract with an advertiser visited billboards. Even in today’s modern marketplace, a recent report suggests that the billboard effect still exists.

Billboards in Kish

Points for billboard design

Creativity, including innovation and ultimately the inclusion of brand colors, is one of the essential elements in the design of environmental advertising, and we recommend avoiding any stereotypes that cause bad advertising for any brand, as well as maintaining simplicity. Creating different emotions, using appropriate images and fonts, etc. are very effective techniques in billboard design. If you want to continue, follow other essential key points of environmental advertising design in our magazine.

Principles of designing billboards for Kish Island

In designing billboards, care should be taken to convey the message of your marketing campaign well, because it is known as the meaning of your main slogan. Billboard effect is practical if these billboards have to be seen within 7 to 12 seconds, and outside this range it loses some of its effectiveness. The number of words on the billboard is also important. And it is better not to use more than seven words in your advertising slogan and logically your brand name and logo should be clearly present on the billboard. In billboards, pictures are more important than words. The less words and the more sensible the image to introduce your brand and product, the better.

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