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Brand growth with billboard advertising in Kelarabad

Billboard advertising in Kelarabad has many advantages. Kelarabad is located in Tonekabon city in the west of Mazandaran province. In terms of neighborhood, it is adjacent to Chalous city in the east and Swan Hotel in the west. The language of the inhabitants of this city is Mazani with the dialect of Tabari Clarestani. Kelarabad has a temperate Caspian climate. Due to the fact that this region is located between the Caspian Sea from the north and the Alborz Mountains from the south, it has always been a tourist destination for travelers and tourists. Every year, many tourists travel to this city and enjoy the atmosphere of this environment. The large number of people in the city has created a good capacity for billboards to be seen. The distance from Kelarabad to Sari is 190 km and to Rasht and Tehran is 178 and 212 km, respectively. There are great opportunities for billboard advertising between these three cities and Kelarabad. [Bg_collapse view = “link” color = “# 4a4949” icon = “arrow” expand_text = “Read more” collapse_text = “Close”]

By designing and delivering the message in the best possible way, you can have a successful marketing campaign.

In recent years, due to the proximity of Kelarabad to Namak Abroud and other tourist cities of Mazandaran province, several towns have been built there. One of the most famous towns is Amir Dasht town. Amir Dasht is one of the most famous and beautiful towns in Mazandaran province. This town has a modern design and recreational and welfare facilities and is considered one of the most expensive towns. Beach facilities and private beach have increased the price of villas in Amir Dasht town compared to other areas of Kelarabad.

With all the features mentioned for Kelarabad, there is a very good space for displaying billboard advertisements. Advertising companies have been able to help brand owners and large businesses by doing environmental advertising in this city. [/ Bg_collapse]

Advertising billboard in Kelarabad
Advertising billboards in Mazandaran

What routes can be used to access Kelarabad?

The beautiful and touristic city of Kelarabad, which is located in the west of Mazandaran province and is one of the best opportunities for billboard advertising, can be accessed from the following routes:

  • Chalous Road: If you live in the north or west of Tehran, after crossing Chalous Road, you will enter Chalous city. Then you will reach the beautiful city of Kelarabad by walking about a kilometer.
  • Rasht Road: If you plan to travel from Rasht to Kelarabad, after passing the cities of Rasht, Lahijan, Ramsar, Tonekabon, you will enter Kelarabad.
  • Haraz Road

Billboard advertising tariff in Kelarabad

Billboard advertising is one of the best marketing strategies. You can create a great impact on the growth of your business by displaying advertising billboards. Tariffs for these ads vary depending on the geographical location of each region as well as the location of the time of year. Contact Arad Holding for detailed information on tariffs.

Rental of billboards in Mazandaran


Why billboards in Mazandaran?

Billboards in Mazandaran are a prominent option for environmental advertising. Mazandaran province, with an area of approximately 24,000 square kilometers and a population of 3.5 million, is one of the most populous regions in Iran in terms of population density. The tourism industry in Mazandaran province has developed significantly due to the pristine and fun nature of the coast, plains, forests and mountains. These conditions have provided a suitable platform for the high efficiency of environmental advertising in Mazandaran.

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at.”

Leo Burnett
Advertising billboards in Mazandaran

Why invest in billboards in Mazandaran?

Mazandaran has a sea border and international transportation privileges with Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Russia and the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Mazandaran’s connection with the metropolis of Tehran and the existence of international ports in this province has caused the movement of managers, traders, exporters, importers, and business owners to occupy a significant share of regional traffic. This advantage has doubled the impact of advertising investment in Mazandaran, because seeing the advertising of each brand and business among managers, businessmen and the general public increases brand awareness.

Why billboard advertising in Mazandaran?

One of the most important branding tools for business owners is environmental advertising. Running advertising campaigns can increase brand awareness in the long time.
The plan of Mazandaran Free Trade-Industrial Zone has been proposed in order to achieve the economic goals of the country with the triple connection of Amirabad-Behshahr, Fereydunkenar and Nowshahr ports.
In the free economic zone, more benefits are provided for trade and the prosperity of commercial business in these areas is high. This advantage makes the display of advertising billboards in Mazandaran important.

Albert Lasker

Albert Davis Lasker (May 1, 1880 – May 30, 1952) was an American businessman who played a major role in shaping modern advertising.[1] He was raised in Galveston, Texas, where his father was the president of several banks. Moving to Chicago, he became a partner in the advertising firm of Lord & Thomas. He created and produced many successful ad campaigns. He made new use of radio, changing popular culture and appealing to consumers’ psychology. A Republican, he designed new ways to advertise election campaigns, especially the Warren Harding campaign of 1920, and became a philanthropist.

Mazandaran environmental advertising price

One of the most important branding tools for business owners is environmental advertising. Execution of advertising campaigns can have a long-term and extensive effect on the dimensions and position of the media in determining the price of advertising billboards in Mazandaran.
Since choosing the right target market is one of the basic and important factors in advertising efficiency, choosing Mazandaran in advertising campaigns will cover different segments of the population and achieve excellent advertising results.
However, due to the benefits of screening environmental advertising in Mazandaran province, the amount of advertising investment in this province is more cost-effective and has a higher economic justification compared to the cost of urban advertising in Tehran province.

Advertising billboard rental in Mazandaran

How serial advertising has impact on the audience

Ability to provide content in a long time in a simple and conceptual way to attract the audience: The first step is to interpret the concept of serial advertising and separate it from the advertising series. In designing advertising billboards, presenting story content is inherently attractive, which aims to attract the audience’s attention and create mental curiosity to follow the next content, content transfer is more effective. With other measures such as: -increasing the productivity of advertising by cultivating an -idea in the context of the story, -increasing audience follow-up using serial strategy, -providing a detailed plan and target market analysis and -selecting the main topic as the core of serial advertising. It is possible to increase the ratio of attracting the audience to the visit to the highest level and play the greatest possible effect in attracting the customer. If you wish, you can read the whole article by clicking below.

Economic justification for using advertising billboards in Mazandaran

Damavand Peak is the highest mountain in Iran and the highest volcano in Asia and the Middle East is located in Mazandaran and in the city of Amol.
Daniel Blue Cave, Three Thousand Valley, Two Thousand Forest, Falakdeh Spa and Chaldere Forest Park are some of the popular tourist attractions in this province. Chalous Road also hosts tourists in all seasons with busy natural summers and springs in summer and spring. Many tourists are familiar with Chalous by Namak Abroud Forest Park and its cable cars. The cable car, which is one of the most important tourist areas of the city, allows you to climb the beautiful peak of Madu Bin. All these places attract thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year and also provide a pleasant travel environment for businessmen and industry owners to rest, therefore, billboard advertising in Mazandaran has a very high efficiency.