Knowledge of environmental advertising

Solutions to increase the multiplier of advertising with the same budget


بیلبورد های تبلیغاتی آراد در سراسر کشور

Multiply the efficiency of advertising

Many businesses rely on advertising to increase sales and attract customers. But advertising, and especially the continued presence of business owners in this field, especially in today’s sluggish economy, can be exhausting. Environmental advertising costs for many businesses is a bitter pill to be swallowed. This article discusses the points that while maintaining the effectiveness of environmental advertising, we can also reduce its costs. Advertising is the only tool that exposes your business products or services to customers and sets you apart from other competitors. Although advertising in a challenging business environment introduces you as a powerful market player, most business owners are still looking for ways to control their advertising costs.

Create a centralized advertising program:

First of all, we recommend that you resist the temptations of the media sellers who are introduced to you. Today, ads without feedback can be seen in the product portfolio. Create an advertising program that reflects your business goals and includes specific annual events. The goal of this product is to sell the product. Set a budget for this program and stick to your financial goals throughout the year.

Work primarily with a professional graphic designer:

Choose a professional graphic designer who has the ability to easily depict your ideas in creative advertising. Provide your designer with information about your product. He can generate your own advertising template and create a unique design for you to avoid unnecessary costs.

Plan for targeted advertising opportunities:

The high cost of downtown advertising may consume our advertising budget without feedback. Advertising of luxury goods in luxury areas of the city is fruitful. That is why the routes of international airports are considered by reputable brands. Targeted advertising is the most important element in reducing advertising costs. If we are a manufacturer of industrial air conditioners, we should advertise in the traffic route of industry owners.

Reduce your ad frequency:

We examine the two words reach and ferequency in advertising in a specialized way. Rich refers to the number of people who see your ad, and the frequency refers to the number of times those people have seen the ad. Experience shows that if you have a screen in a part of the city for three months, it is time to change. If you do not use advertising serial content, you should increase the reach by using new billboards in other parts of the city. Of course, we note that this shift for serial advertising needs to return to the first billboard after three months, and the formation of a serial advertising cycle is mandatory. However the frequency ceiling is controllable. Repetition of fixed ads without changing the design and idea after three months may even have the opposite effect. In serial advertising, budget is not the main factor. At the same time as the frequency increases, reach is reached and we will not have repetition and fatigue of advertising. For example, with a fixed budget, instead of 4 strategic advertising points in 12 months, we can have them displayed in 8 advertising billboards in 6 months, and in this way, the number of reach can be doubled and the frequency can be halved at the same cost.

Secrets of success of world famous brands


بیلبورد های تبلیغاتی آراد در سراسر کشور

Ford Motors Company

Ford’s strategy is based on staying the same. In fact, Ford has given customers a sense of familiarity and penetrated deep into their hearts by gaining the trust of customers and not changing policies. This consistency is felt by the short name of the company and the Ford logo. The name and logo were chosen by Ford Father. Ford’s story is popular among car lovers and as one of the most important companies in Detroit, it offers admirable products. Paying attention to the opinions, criticisms and suggestions of customers and acting according to the needs of the audience are among the immutable policies of this company.

Ford Company Logo
Nike company logo

Nike; This company is practical!

The company’s website says about the company’s vision and goal: “Creativity and innovation for all athletes around the world” and added: “If you have a body, then you are an athlete.” Nike is one of the most attractive sportswear manufacturers among athletes with a strategy of relying on customer needs. The company uses the lucrative advice of one of the world’s largest marketers, Kevin Lynn Keller. The company is very insistent on implementing creativity and suggestions and is always moving towards success. One of the most practical products of this company is sports technologies such as Nike Air. Innovation and creativity build customer trust because the customer believes that you know better what you are doing. In this way, Nike gains the trust of customers around the world and offers new products based on their needs.


Starbucks is headquartered in Seattle, USA. With 20,000 branches worldwide, the company is in fact the largest coffee shop chain in the world. One of the constant policies of this company is the constant communication between people. This connection is created with various creations such as providing free internet services, a suitable environment for holding public gatherings, and so on. The service environments of this coffee shop are designed in such a way that people can easily interact with each other. Another strategy of Starbucks is to have the same price in stores around the world.
Starbucks brand


Southwest airline

SOUTHWEST airlines are different from others

This low-cost airline has appeared among other unique airlines. The policy of this airline is to provide exclusive open space to passengers. Southwest has been known since the beginning for breaking the law and independence. In fact, these airlines owe their success to this activity and the culture of cooperation has always been an independent brand and has broken the usual rules of the airlines. The success of this airline stems from the fact that the activity and culture of cooperation of each company is unique to it and it must behave in its own way. The company, with reasonable prices and excellent service, takes passengers from one place to another. This airline does not charge passengers for cargo, while other companies do.


Nordstrom Special attention to the customer

When you are a customer of a company that has strong support, you must make sure that you have made the right choice. All of Nordstrom’s efforts and attention are on customer satisfaction and ongoing support. The company’s products are sold in 230 stores worldwide. Nordstrom services include sending emails of new product images to regular customers or sending a thank you message after purchase. The competitive prices of this brand are another reason for its success. The price of Nordstrom products is not low, but customers do not complain about this, and when they buy from them constantly, that is, they have no problem in terms of price. All the focus of this American company is on providing services to customers.
Nordstrom Company

Brand Ambassador and its direct relationship with increasing brand awareness


بیلبورد های تبلیغاتی آراد در سراسر کشور

سفیر برند و رابطه مستقیم آن با افزایش آگاهی از نام تجاری

Brand Ambassador

Branding is the process of creating a strong and positive image of a company’s products or services in the mind of the customer, which is done by combining elements such as special designs and logos. The brand exists at all levels of the company’s marketing. A brand ambassador (sometimes called an organizational ambassador) is a person with a positive social outlook who is portrayed by a brand as an organization. In fact, this is done to increase brand awareness of the product (branding). Brand ambassador means embodying the corporate identity in the appearance, behavior, values ​​and ethics of an individual. The main element of brand ambassadors is their ability to use advertising strategies that strengthen the relationship between the customer and the product or service and attract a large audience to buy and consume more. A brand ambassador is mainly appointed as a factor to boost sales (products or services) and build brand awareness. Today, the term “brand ambassador” focuses more on personal brand management or self-branding than using celebrities for branding. It is commonly thought that the position of brand ambassador is given to a famous or well-known person with a well-known presence, who was often given a significant salary for his time and effort. It is chosen between people with knowledge and the ability to search and identify the specific needs of the brand. But in certain industries, such as the fashion industry, managers still rely solely on celebrities to select their brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors are the main seller of a product or service, so they need to be fully aware of the brand they represent because they may be questioned by consumers.
Branding using celebrities Using celebrities as brand ambassadors is not a new concept. Movie stars advertised for cigarette companies in the 1940s, and Bob Hope (American-British comedian) appeared on American Express in the late 1950s. Jonamat became a model of Hans tights in the 1970s. The arrival of athletes such as Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods expanded the use of this method to such an extent that their income from this field was more than their sports expertise. Large companies realized that the overall image of a brand ambassador in society is an integral element in attracting consumer attention. As a result, the role of celebrities as brand ambassadors increased significantly. A case study of the famous Omega watch brand shows that the brand experienced a sharp drop in sales in the 1970s with the advent of the Japanese quartz brand. It was first in 1995 that Cindy Crawford (American actress, model and businessman) became the new face of Omega and introduced the category of famous brand ambassador. Jean-Claude Beaver was believed to be the cause of this marketing ploy. This strategy completely changed the branding perspective. At present, many companies devote part of their annual budget to brand ambassadors. Celebrities are popular with many people in the community. So it makes a lot of sense to get marketers’ messages through these people.

Self-branding or personal branding is a way in which a person can create or promote a reputation for himself. Over the past few years, branding itself has become especially important due to the increase in self-employment. Modern audiences today often prefer to trust a real person and take advantage of the products and services he or she covers. A personal brand is a clear sign of a person’s originality and evokes the best features that can be presented in the mind of the audience.

In fact, it makes the ultimate goal of companies, which is sales, seem intangible and show the customer what he expects. Promoting a personal brand is a key factor in creating a successful communication network that in itself can lead to more business introduction and more customers every day.

Special uses of the ambassador
Goodwill Ambassador is an honorary title related to nonprofit goals. The main task of a goodwill ambassador is to help support organizations spread their message. Goodwill ambassadors are mostly celebrities who use their reputation and talent to fund, solicit donations, and encourage volunteers to participate and raise awareness of the cause of the organization. These people are selected according to the target audience of the organization and if they fully invest in the goal they are promoting, they can influence others as well. Goodwill ambassadors make extensive visits to the most turbulent regions of the world and ask for help from the people and their organization. For example, UN goodwill ambassadors include celebrities such as Angelina Jolie for UNHCR, David Beckham and Shakira for UNICEF, Christina Aguilera for WFP and Nicole Kidman for UN Women.


Advertising model
An advertising model is a combination of a spokesperson model, a business show model, and an agreement model. These models perform beyond the positive representation of the company. The main difference between a brand ambassador and an advertising model is how the product or service is presented.

In many cases, unlike brand ambassadors, an advertising model may create an experience in the audience that reflects the branded product or service. Advertising models must be in place according to the needs of the marketing campaign, however brand ambassadors are often called “brand faces”. Advertising models are often present in trade shows (exhibition stands), contracts and print, digital advertising designed for the brand.

Advertising slogan, the miracle of attracting the audience + 7 slogans of the year 1400


What is an advertising slogan?

Advertising slogan is a phrase between 2 to 5 words that is chosen by each brand as a representative. This choice of advertising slogan should be such that it stays in the mind of the audience. The highest impact is achieved with a rhythmic slogan. The most important factor in relation to a slogan is its repetition.
Using more and more attractive advertising slogans over time makes it stay in the minds of the audience.

Attractive advertising slogan
Attractive advertising slogan

How does a slogan help a stronger relationship with the customer?

Each brand slogan serves as a bridge between the owners of the organization and the customer. This relationship is so strong that an appropriate advertising slogan can make a medium quality product very desirable in the minds of the audience or, conversely, by choosing the wrong slogan, a good product is poorly presented in the eyes of customers.

Memorable advertising slogan, the most important factor of return on investment

ROI is an international concept, abbreviated as Return on investment, which is expressed as a percentage.

According to a recent study by the American Research Association, after advertising, which is the most important factor in attracting the audience, the slogan of each brand has the highest impact on attracting customers and thus the return of capital to the organization’s financial system. Therefore, the “advertising slogan” is the most important factor in the maximum ROI.

The slogan chosen by the brand owners is used in all stages of advertising, including television, billboards, packaging, and so on. Therefore, it should be chosen in such a way that it has the necessary effect even in a very short period of time. In addition, the human mind is instinctively designed to process and memorize short sentences more easily.

What is an advertising slogan?
Business advertising slogan

Referendum is one of the best ways to choose a slogan

In developed countries, one of the methods of choosing a slogan is a referendum. In this public opinion poll, it should be noted that the society being surveyed should include different strata. (Age, gender, level of education, occupation, etc. should be different)

The referendum is conducted in two ways:

Selecting a number of suggested slogans and presenting them along with the content of the organization to the audience, by sharing the question of which of these slogans do you think is more appropriate for us? And finally, choosing a slogan that is more effective in the public eye.
Select a limited number of suggested slogans without any explanation of the scope of the activity and by asking the question, what do you think each of these slogans is related to? Finally, the organization chooses the slogan that is most correctly recognized by the audience.

Features of a good slogan

The most successful advertising slogans are not just a combination of several words, but they are the most important elements of an advertising campaign. Creating a good and memorable advertising slogan is a very difficult task. Most large companies use author teams to select a unique and memorable slogan.

7 advertising slogans in the year 1400

Businesses put a slogan in the minds of their audiences. Below is a list that can play a role in your business in 1400.

  • A place to get what you want
  • A sea for young and old
  • Ace spot with useful tools for men!
  • It’s all for you
  • Always full of creativity!
  • Iranian store for Iranians
  • Spend less to be great

The place of teaser in the effectiveness of advertising campaigns


The place of teaser in the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

Teaser advertising is a marketing tool that uses engaging and shocking messages to arouse audience curiosity. It refers to the product but does not name it in the end.

In other words, a teaser ad campaign keeps the audience entertained before a new product launches. The main point in a promotional teaser is not to say everything to attract the viewer’s attention and more impact. This method goes against traditional advertising and literally hacks a brand in the minds of the audience.

Types of teaser ads

An advertising teaser is divided into two parts:

1. Launching advertising campaigns that should attract users’ attention.

2. All its aspects should be stated and the connection of the teaser with a specific product should be shown.

Advertising teaser can be divided into two categories based on time period:

One step: the start time of the first and second part is simultaneous. In other words, the brand name is at the beginning of the teaser, and its description is at the end.

Serial advertising: First, the brand is mentioned and the product introduction stage is done after one to two weeks. Thus, the audience waits for the introduction of the product.

A variety of media display advertising teasers

1. Digital advertising

According to research, the most common type of teaser ads are placed in the form of a banner row at the bottom or next to the ad site, which are designed to attract the user’s attention. A combination of images and text that are intended to excite the public. For example: “A famous actor died”, “A 50-year-old man married a goat”, “A drop of this perfume – and all men belong to you. “

TV teasers are another common method. For example, the BMW promotional video was a preview of the pre-release model. At the beginning of the video, the type of product offered was not yet clear, and the audience imagined themselves as cars. There was no definition to describe the benefits or brand of the product, and in the end it was clear what the advertising teaser meant.

3. Billboards
The simplest type is billboards on the streets or driveways that contain only conceptual images or an incomprehensible phrase. Additional product introductions will be provided on the same billboard 1 to 2 weeks later. So, until the brand is revealed, the audience that follows the billboards will see all the ads.

An example of the oldest teaser ad is the 1920’s “The Idol Dancer” poster. It did not say anything about the film or its title and only had a dubious plot. Even the portrait of the hero was shown in the form of a black ghost, which aroused the curiosity of the public. Today, posters are used in teaser ads.

4. Email
You can use email to alert the user that important news is on the way. Famous brands often use this trick. In this case, the audience’s attention is drawn to a specific date.
Sometimes misinformation is used in teaser ads. The movie “Superman” in 1978, for example, was deliberately released a year later than announced. The filmmaker deliberately postponed the main screening to increase the audience’s enthusiasm.
Finally, the important point in a promotional teaser is that it does not attract “cold” audiences and does not have negative feedback. Thus, it is essential to ensure the selection of professional experts.

It was released before the release of the new model. At the beginning of the video, the type of product offered was not yet clear, and the audience imagined themselves as cars. There was no definition to describe the benefits or brand of the product, and in the end it was clear what the advertising teaser meant.

What is serial advertising like and what effect does it have on the audience?


بیلبورد های تبلیغاتی آراد در سراسر کشور

The ability to deliver content over a long period of time in a simple and conceptual way to engage the audience

The first step is to interpret the concept of serial advertising and separate it from the advertising series. The serial content tells a story, which connects each part, while the advertising series is in fact the same as a brand’s screening in one direction.

The purpose of serial content is to attract the audience’s attention and create mental curiosity to follow the next content. In advertising billboard design, the presentation of story content is inherently attractive and the delivery of content is more effective when narrated correctly.

The impact of field research on environmental advertising


The impact of field research on environmental advertising

Field research is one of the most reliable methods of gathering information to identify a particular subject or trait among individuals or even animals.

Researchers use a variety of methods (discussed below) to study a specific behavior in response to a given situation.

The relationship between field research and environmental advertising

The background of advertising of any kind is field research. Understanding the target community, examining the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and successful brands in the same field, is one of the requirements to start an advertising campaign that is made possible by field research. In field research, it should be considered that the statistical population of the group is not small and uniform.

With proper and comprehensive field research before any advertising, we will have a high sales increase. Advertising without research is also a waste of time and money.
In designing environmental advertising campaigns, how to choose the place and time of screening is of particular importance. One of the effective ways to select these two topics is to conduct field research. By analyzing the collected data and identifying the right place and time, the highest efficiency of billboard advertising is achieved.

What is the role of successful advertising in marketing?


Environmental advertising price flexibility

Contrary to popular belief, environmental advertising has a high price flexibility. In the screening of environmental advertising campaigns with the help of consultants active in this field, there are various options regarding the location of environmental advertising, the number of media and the screening period of the campaign. With the right arrangement of these factors together, you can have ads with far-fetched feedback.

Advertise neighborhood by neighborhood

Imagine a manufacturing company that produces a variety of heating products from heaters, packages to splits. The company has a different target community to promote each of its products. It is sold better in sultry provinces due to its dual function. The same is true for any product. Therefore, in order to run targeted advertising, a specific product can be advertised in accordance with the habits of the target community in that area. Such an advertising campaign will certainly show higher feedback than single product advertising.

Screening of several advertising models

In environmental advertising, you can use psychological patterns to impress your audience in the long run. The cost of replacing advertising content on billboards is not high, and you can upgrade your message delivery model depending on the goals at any time.

Display ads for a long time

In branding, you have to live in a corner of your audience’s mind and be present in their daily lives. Certainly methods such as choosing a specific advertising slogan and logo are very effective. Your constant presence in the daily life of your target community will establish a strong branding for you and your product. However, in many media, this long-term presence is not possible for various reasons. To solve this problem, Arad Advertising Company has made several investments in the field of construction of pedestrian bridges throughout the country, and in return, it obtains the privilege of displaying advertisements on the decks of these bridges for 15 consecutive years. This investment not only solves the problem of time, but also reduces the cost of renting billboards, resulting in a very low overall advertising cost.

The importance of advertising management


Advertising management process

Advertising management is actually a complex process of using different media to sell a product or service. This process begins with field research and involves developing advertising campaigns with various media outlets that greatly help sell the product. The importance of advertising in marketing is such that it affects the sales chart up to 70%.

Selection of product introduction method by the business unit

In the life cycle of a product, the most important role is played by the type of introduction, which is the responsibility of the commercial unit of the collection. Sometimes collection managers consider advertising as the final step in introducing a product and expect it to come from selling the product itself, but smart managers and marketing activists are aware that advertising is the first step. Product introduction is considered and in fact advertising is a kind of investment. By examining the statistics, it is obvious that environmental advertising with difference is the best way to introduce the product and branding.


How to form a think tank

The think tank was first formally established in the United States during World War II. At that time, a certain number of commanders gathered in a special and safe room to exchange military strategies. Over time, these communities became study and research groups, and the think tank became modern. Today, having a think tank is essential for any organization and its vacuum is a serious managerial injury. Managers are busy with administrative work and attending meetings and do not have enough time to think and be creative.

Thought Room Tasks

The think tank is a study and research center where applied research is conducted. It is also the responsibility of the think tank to create and formulate new ideas and then turn raw proposals into precise and enforceable policies and programs and ultimately present them to the main decision maker.

In general, the first role of the think tank is to create a bridge between idea and action. In the next steps, it is the responsibility of the think tank to provide the final ideas on how to do each step from introduction to advertising. The management of advertisements and advertising campaigns is the responsibility of the think tank manager.

Choice of advertising strategy

The first step in advertising management is market research. At this stage, data related to product marketing, product life chart, implemented strategies and product target market are extracted by the advertising expert. Then the appropriate types of ads for a particular product are identified. Today, in addition to print, television, radio, and cell phones are also available as advertising media. The advertising management process actually helps to define the outline of the media campaign and decide on the type of advertising before the product is launched. Advertising management is the decision of the type of content provided for various advertising campaigns, including radio, print, television, and at the top of them, environmental advertising as the top media. This content can be in the form of closed ads, serial ads, etc. Due to the importance of advertising in marketing, choosing the right advertising strategy is one of the most important steps in business.

Advertising campaign design

Campaigns may also be designed as a combination of several media to complement each other. The very important thing is that the advertising management can design all the strategies in such campaigns in a complementary way so that it does not seem to the public that radio and television advertisements emphasize different factors, but should be seen in terms of General All ads on a product focus on one aspect. In the end the whole process should be in favor of the product or service.

Designing an advertising campaign is not a small task and understanding consumer behavior from the data collected from market research is a very important aspect of how to design a campaign.

Essential key points in designing environmental advertisements



Essential key points in designing environmental advertisements

The world of advertising has a very wide space and every day we see the emergence of new ideas and methods in this field. Environmental advertising is one of the most widely used advertising methods in the world today.
From the beginning of the formation of the civilization of societies, propaganda is rooted in the heart of human social life. From religious and political positions to the direct relationship between the existence and access to goods, propaganda is present in all aspects of human social life. However, the importance of propaganda and its spread as a science began in the late 19th century and continues to this day.

Avoid newspaper design:
One of the valuable points of billboard design is to avoid unnecessary explanations. This not only visually reduces the attractiveness of the banner, but also in terms of content emphasis will prevent the main message from being transmitted in the desired time (3 seconds). With the help of a professional designer with content production skills, the advertising message can be conveyed to the audience in the shortest time and in the most effective way.
Use of corporate color:
One of the key points in advertising design is the use of a single organizational color. Using a single color in all product-related designs, including packaging, advertising, logos, etc., makes branding possible in less time. It also keeps the name and branch of the organization’s activity in the minds of the audience. Assigning a specific color to the brand is one of the most important design points to consider. Of course, choosing a color for the organization also requires knowledge of the concepts of colors.

Tips for billboard design

1. Simplicity

Getting more attention is in simplicity. Therefore, advertisements with crowded design do not produce the desired result. Including things like: office address, contact number, social media address are some of the mistakes that in banner design lead to reduced visits and conclusions.

2. Offer an attractive suggestion

By offering exceptional conditions such as 50% discount for a limited time or similar cases, a wider range of customers can be attracted.

3. Create a sense of urgency

One of the things that causes a quick and positive reaction from the audience is creating a sense of lagging behind others, the golden time limit, the special privileges period limit, and so on.

4. Use of image

The images and graphics you use should help convey the advertising message better and faster and relate exactly to the product or service being advertised.

5. Use the appropriate font

The font used in advertising design should not be too small or too large. Also, using broken and illegible fonts is one of the design mistakes of advertising billboards.

6. Having a box

People’s eyes instinctively read the content within a certain frame more accurately. Using this principle, banner design is done more productively.

One of the common mistakes of managers is to hire beginners for designing. Designing your own billboards is a specialty. For various reasons, such as short time to submit content (about 3 seconds), long eye distance from the billboard, etc. should use an expert designer. Also, producing appropriate advertising content, we will have the highest percentage of customer attraction.