Brand Ambassador and its direct relationship with increasing brand awareness

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Brand Ambassador

Branding is the process of creating a strong and positive image of a company’s products or services in the mind of the customer, which is done by combining elements such as special designs and logos. The brand exists at all levels of the company’s marketing.

A brand ambassador (sometimes called an organizational ambassador) is a person with a positive social outlook who is portrayed by a brand as an organization. In fact, this is done to increase brand awareness of the product (branding). Brand ambassador means embodying the corporate identity in the appearance, behavior, values ​​and ethics of an individual.

The main element of brand ambassadors is their ability to use advertising strategies that strengthen the relationship between the customer and the product or service and attract a large audience to buy and consume more.

A brand ambassador is mainly appointed as a factor to boost sales (products or services) and build brand awareness. Today, the term “brand ambassador” focuses more on personal brand management or self-branding than using celebrities for branding.

It is commonly thought that the position of brand ambassador is given to a famous or well-known person with a well-known presence, who was often given a significant salary for his time and effort. It is chosen between people with knowledge and the ability to search and identify the specific needs of the brand. But in certain industries, such as the fashion industry, managers still rely solely on celebrities to select their brand ambassadors.

Brand ambassadors are the main seller of a product or service, so they need to be fully aware of the brand they represent because they may be questioned by consumers.

Branding using celebrities
Using celebrities as brand ambassadors is not a new concept. Movie stars advertised for cigarette companies in the 1940s, and Bob Hope (American-British comedian) appeared on American Express in the late 1950s. Jonamat became a model of Hans tights in the 1970s.

The arrival of athletes such as Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods expanded the use of this method to such an extent that their income from this field was more than their sports expertise.

Large companies realized that the overall image of a brand ambassador in society is an integral element in attracting consumer attention. As a result, the role of celebrities as brand ambassadors increased significantly. A case study of the famous Omega watch brand shows that the brand experienced a sharp drop in sales in the 1970s with the advent of the Japanese quartz brand. It was first in 1995 that Cindy Crawford (American actress, model and businessman) became the new face of Omega and introduced the category of famous brand ambassador. Jean-Claude Beaver was believed to be the cause of this marketing ploy. This strategy completely changed the branding perspective. At present, many companies devote part of their annual budget to brand ambassadors.

Celebrities are popular with many people in the community. So it makes a lot of sense to get marketers’ messages through these people.

Self-branding or personal branding is a way in which a person can create or promote a reputation for himself. Over the past few years, branding itself has become especially important due to the increase in self-employment. Modern audiences today often prefer to trust a real person and take advantage of the products and services he or she covers. A personal brand is a clear sign of a person’s originality and evokes the best features that can be presented in the mind of the audience.

In fact, it makes the ultimate goal of companies, which is sales, seem intangible and show the customer what he expects. Promoting a personal brand is a key factor in creating a successful communication network that in itself can lead to more business introduction and more customers every day.

Special uses of the ambassador
Goodwill Ambassador is an honorary title related to nonprofit goals. The main task of a goodwill ambassador is to help support organizations spread their message. Goodwill ambassadors are mostly celebrities who use their reputation and talent to fund, solicit donations, and encourage volunteers to participate and raise awareness of the cause of the organization. These people are selected according to the target audience of the organization and if they fully invest in the goal they are promoting, they can influence others as well. Goodwill ambassadors make extensive visits to the most turbulent regions of the world and ask for help from the people and their organization. For example, UN goodwill ambassadors include celebrities such as Angelina Jolie for UNHCR, David Beckham and Shakira for UNICEF, Christina Aguilera for WFP and Nicole Kidman for UN Women.


Advertising model
An advertising model is a combination of a spokesperson model, a business show model, and an agreement model. These models perform beyond the positive representation of the company. The main difference between a brand ambassador and an advertising model is how the product or service is presented.

In many cases, unlike brand ambassadors, an advertising model may create an experience in the audience that reflects the branded product or service. Advertising models must be in place according to the needs of the marketing campaign, however brand ambassadors are often called “brand faces”. Advertising models are often present in trade shows (exhibition stands), contracts and print, digital advertising designed for the brand.

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