Billboard advertising in Shiraz

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Billboard advertising in Shiraz

Billboard advertising in Shiraz can be executed and ordered with a very high variety. The city of Shiraz, as the capital of Iranian civilization, has been able to gain a good position for environmental advertisement. Shiraz has the first place in Iran in terms of diversity in urban structures. Despite the tourist attractions such as the important historical monument of Persepolis, the tomb of Hafez Shirazi called Hafezieh, the shrine of Shah Cheragh, each of which is a sign and piece of Iranian history and several thousand years of civilization and culture of this city, has attracted many tourists. . Shiraz is one of the metropolises of Iran and the capital of Fars province in the south of the country. This city was the third city in Iran, after Tabriz and Tehran, in 1296, the municipal institution was established. It is one of the 5 largest and most populous cities in Iran. Its geographical location is in the south of the country. As mentioned, it has a long history in terms of culture and literature and is known as the capital of Iranian culture and civilization. Due to the geographical location of Shiraz, which has turned it into one of the communication highways between the surrounding cities, a suitable and important platform for the field of environmental advertising is provided. In addition, despite the number of busy highways, it provides a good platform for billboards on highways, boulevards and flyovers to present and introduce your products to your audience on large billboards.

Outdoor advertising in Shiraz
Book Billboard advertising in Shiraz

The impact of environmental advertising in Shiraz

The city of Shiraz has an important position in terms of attracting tourists due to its numerous cultural, historical and religious attractions and is one of the important tourism hubs in Iran. This issue is a strong reason for the increasing effectiveness of urban environmental advertising and the prosperity of businesses in this way. There are also several hair transplant clinics in Shiraz. These clinics, considering the suitable tourism environment, hold health tourism tours and invite a large number of people to this city by inviting hair transplant applicants, both from inside and outside the country.

Points for billboard design

Creativity, including innovation and ultimately the inclusion of brand colors, is one of the essential elements in the design of environmental advertising, and we recommend avoiding any stereotypes that cause bad advertising for any brand, as well as maintaining simplicity. Creating different emotions, using appropriate images and fonts, etc. are very effective techniques in billboard design. If you want to continue, follow other essential key points of environmental advertising design in our magazine.

Price of booking billboard in Shiraz

In general, we say that billboard rental rates and urban environmental advertising have a direct relationship with the location of advertising and the type of media selected for advertising. The type of location and also the type of media selected (Billboard, Strawboard, Bridge Deck,…) based on business needs, can also affect the final price of billboard booking in Shiraz. Billboard advertising tariffs in Shiraz do not have the same base price and price fluctuations are inevitable due to periodic auctions.

Which places in Shiraz are more suitable for billboard advertising?

The city of Shiraz is known as a symbol of poetry, but it must be said that it is also one of the most prosperous economic cities in Iran, and therefore the order of billboard advertisements has a high position in this city. Selecting the most suitable streets of Shiraz for the implementation of various environmental advertisements, based on the developed standards, attracts the audience and prevents the confusion of the city.

Biography of John Wana Maker

John Wana Meeker was born in 1838 in Pennsylvania and died in 1922. He was an American businessman and political activist who, according to marketing proponents, was a pioneer in advertising. He owned several chain stores and also served as the director of the United States Post.

The Impact of Economy on Billboard Advertising in Shiraz

Shiraz is one of the main gateways for goods and also one of the major economic centers of Iran, in which investment in any way can guarantee progress and profitability. Therefore, the role of advertising in this development can not be ignored. This city has provided one of the best opportunities to introduce jobs, products and services of individuals and companies, and therefore a suitable platform for advertising investment and implementation of advertising plans.

Rent Billboards in main entrances

Important entrances of Shiraz city with high impact on billboard advertisements

  • The entrance to the Quran Gate
  • Entrance route from Tehran, Isfahan and Kazerun
  • Billboard rental at the entrance of Shiraz
  • The busiest axes
  • Sepidan to Shiraz axes
  • Bushehr to Shiraz
  • Arjan to Ghaemiyeh and Noorabad Mamasani
  • Shiraz – Bushehr – Khuzestan
  • Shiraz – Firoozabad – Assaluyeh
  • Shiraz – Jahrom – Larestan – Hormozgan
  • Shiraz – Sarvestan – Fasa – Darab – Hormozgan
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