Outdoor advertising and billboards rental in Fars (Shiraz) + list and price without intermediaries

Shiraz is a main connected road between the surrounding cities.
and it attracts many tourists because of its special geographical location.
It also has an important place despite the touristic and religious attractions
In this regard, the outdoor advertising of Shiraz (Fars) is one of those actions that can help Iranian brands to become known if it is implemented correctly.Arad Zarin’s professional experts with many years of experience in the field of billboard rental, have been implementing advertising campaigns of prominent brands. Our continuous success in the field of advertising billboards confirms this claim.

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Why advertising investment in Shiraz

Billboard advertisements in Shiraz are very diverse. Shiraz city is a suitable and important platform for outdoor advertising in terms of its geographical location and its communication routes with other nearby cities


The numerous industrial areas

Due to the geographical location of Shiraz city, which has made it one of the communication highways between the surrounding cities, it has provided a suitable and important platform for the field of outdoor advertising.
In addition to those, busy highways, it has provided a good opportunity for advertising boards on highways, boulevards and flyovers.Therefore, Shiraz (Fars) billboards are a suitable option to present and introduce your services and products to the audience


Being on the way of trade routes

The city of Shiraz is the capital of Iran’s culture and civilization, that’s why it is considered a good and suitable platform for outdoor advertising of Shiraz.Shiraz has a special importance in Iran in terms of diversity in urban structures.Tourist attractions such as the historic and important monument of Persepolis, the tomb of Hafez Shirazi known as Hafiziya, the shrine of Shah Cheragh, etc. have attracted many tourists to it


One of the metropolises of the country

Shiraz is one of the important metropolises of Iran and the capital of Fars province. After Tabriz and Tehran, this city is the third city in the country where the municipal institution was established in 1917.Shiraz is the fifth largest and most populated city in Iran.Also, this city is the most populated city in Fars province and southern Iran. The city of Shiraz has been a place for traffic and exchanges since ancient times due to its location in the South Zagros region and in a fertile area

تعرفه بیلبورد در قزوین

The outdoor advertising effect in Shiraz

The city of Shiraz has an important position in terms of attracting tourists due to its many cultural, historical and religious attractions and is considered one of the important hubs of Iran’s tourism.This is a strong reason for the greater effect of Shiraz city advertisements. There are also many hair transplant clinics in Shiraz. These clinics have organized health tourism tours.Therefore, both from inside the country and from abroad, they invite a large number of people to this city.In addition to these cases, Bo Ali Hospital, that has the first rank for liver and kidney transplantation in the world, is located in Shiraz, which attracts a large number of people from all over the country to this province.

A company that stops advertising to save money. It is like someone who stops his watch to save time

The billboards rental importance in Shiraz

Shiraz is one of the main ports of entry of goods and also one of the major economic hubs of Iran, where investment in any way can guarantee progress and profitability.Therefore, the importance of advertising in development cannot be ignored.This city has provided the best opportunity to introduce businesses, products and services of individuals and companies.And for this reason, it is a suitable platform for advertising investment and carrying out advertising plans in the best way

Arad Zarin, the owner of advertising media in the country

Since the correct selection of the target market is one of the basic and important factors in the efficiency of advertising, choosing Shiraz province in advertising campaigns will cover different layers of people and achieve excellent advertising results. To learn about the benefits of outdoor advertising in other cities, read the following pages

Basic advertising for the highest efficiency

you can start your own billboard advertising campaign by adding to the knowledge and science of outdoor advertising
To read more, refer to the page of Arad college


outdoor advertising campaign

  In outdoor  advertising campaigns, if you use communication tools or messages effectively and choose the right time and places to advertise your business can increase the awareness, interest, and desire of potential customers for your products or services

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Billboard reservation

  Every business needs to attract customers to be successful.Marketing describes the steps businesses take to attract and retain customers, which includes advertising that increases consumer awareness of products and services

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What is a billboard

Billboard is One of the most effective advertising methods.because advertising billboards are located in crowded areas and compared to other advertising methods,they are seen more often.The advertising message is only designed in a few short words on the billboards

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Billboard reservation and rental cost in Shiraz

In general, it can be said that the rental rate of billboards and outdoor advertising in Shiraz has a direct relationship with the location of the advertisement and the type of media chosen for advertising. The price is not the same for the Shiraz billboard rate. Also, price fluctuation is inevitable due to periodic auctions

No one counts the number of your ads. They only remember your imagination

What places are more suitable for Shiraz (Fars) billboard advertising

The city of Shiraz is known as the city of poetry, but it must be said that it is also one of the most prosperous economic cities in Iran.Therefore, ordering Shiraz billboard advertising has a high position.You can attract more customers to you by choosing the most suitable streets of Shiraz for outdoor ads. The following list is for the rental of outdoor advertising billboards in Shiraz. These places are strategic and attractive because of their high traffic and access from many streets

  • Maali Abad Blvd
  • Chamran Blvd
  • Motahari Boulevard
  • Mirza Shirazi Blvd
  • Adalat Blvd
  • Ghasr Dasht
  • Jomhuri Blvd
  • Sanaye Square
  • Mahmoudiyah

Important entrances of Shiraz city for billboard rental

The important entrances of Shiraz city with high effectiveness in billboard advertising are:

  • The entrance to the Koran gate
  • Entrance route from Tehran, Isfahan and Kazeroon
  • The axes of Sepidan to Shiraz
  • Bushehr to Shiraz
  • Dasht Arjan to Ghaemiyeh and Nourabad Mamasani and other roads
  • Shiraz – Bushehr – Khuzestan
  • Shiraz – Firuzabad – Asalooye
  • Shiraz-Jahrom-Larestan Hormozgan
  • Shiraz – Sarvestan – Fasa – Darab – Hormozgan

The Persian Gulf highway is another important entrance to the city of Shiraz, which is located in the east of this province and is the main road to the southern and eastern cities of the country such as Kerman and Bandar Abbas.
Therefore, the outdoor advertising of the Shiraz billboard at the entrance of the Persian Gulf highway is highly effective. The other advantages of this area, we can point out the access to the ring road south of Shiraz, the road connecting Shiraz to Bandar Abbas and Bushehr,and proximity to Shiraz Industrial City. Advertising billboards on the side of intercity highways in Shiraz are definitely very effective in selling your products and services. It is very effective to do advertising on the highways of Shiraz city to increase the customer’s trust Due to its location on the way to the main cities

The importance ​​of cooperation with Arad Zarin

Arad Zarin’s professional experts with 25 years of experience in the field of billboard rental, have been presenting advertising campaigns of prominent brands. Our continuous success in the field of advertising billboards confirms this claim


Performing and reporting the screening on a weekly basis


Scenario writing and its implementation in billboard designs


Writing an advertising campaign according to the allocated budget


Advertising advice according to the type of business

What features distinguish Arad Zarin

Arad Zarin outdoor advertising clinic is one of the most diverse and best outdoor advertising companies.To get the best results from the outdoor advertising campaign for renting and booking billboards in Shiraz, it is necessary to consult a professional and experienced team. According to the things that we will mention below, you will notice the difference between our level and other competitors.

Reasonable price

 Arad Zarin is the owner of media all over the country and with more than 2500 advertising boards, he is ready to present advertising campaigns all over the country.Advertising campaigns for branding

Better and much business introduction

They are useful and economical


The possibility of barter for advertising

Barter is the method of trading goods or services between two or more business partners, without using money (or anything related to money, such as a credit card or check). Business owners can contribute to the visibility of their business and the branding process without paying anything


consultants and experienced experts

Arad Zarin’s experienced consultants and experts are always ready to help you make the best decision for the development and prosperity of your business by suggesting different advertising campaigns


Completely intermediaries

We have made it possible for business owners and brands to buy billboards directly and without intermediaries. This will eliminate additional costs and these costs can be spent on more and better advertisements and your permanence in the mind of the audience


Completely intermediaries

We have made it possible for business owners and brands to buy billboards directly and without intermediaries. This will eliminate additional costs and these costs can be spent on more and better advertisements and your permanence in the mind of the audience.


The most ideal billboard cost

Arad Zarin is the only company that has billboards without participating in municipal auctions. This group is the manufacturer of the pedestrian bridge and offers outdoor advertising (billboards and bridge deck) completely independently, even cheaper than the municipality!


The honor of cooperation with reliable brands

Frequently asked questions

Read some of the questions that you may ask in the different stages of booking a billboard in  Shiraz.

The advertising billboard effects of in Shiraz in branding

There is intense competition among brands to be better seen in Shiraz city, due to its geographical location, the presence of tourists and high traffic.You can make your brand better and more effective by running outdoor advertising in Shiraz And Reach
the best position among your competitors

Golden tips for designing and increasing the efficiency of outdoor advertising in Shiraz

Creativity and innovation and creation of organizational colors and simplicity are essential elements in the design of outdoor advertising. Simplicity, the feeling of being special, the use of appropriate images and fonts, etc. are very effective techniques in billboard design.
These tips will help a lot to increase the efficiency of outdoor advertising boards in Shiraz

Arad Holding, an outdoor advertising company in Shiraz

Outdoor advertising companies in Shiraz do outdoor advertising in Shiraz.Arad advertising center, with more than 2500 advertising boards, is ready to provide advertising campaigns throughout the country, which has provided a wide and complete coverage in the city of Shiraz.Therefore, business owners can book advertising billboards directly and without intermediaries.On the other hand, there is also the possibility of bartering with Arad And you help grow your brand without paying anything.Arad Zarin is ready to help you with experienced experts and 25 years of experience in outdoor advertising consultant in Shiraz. Therefore, by renting an advertising billboard in Shiraz, you can introduce your business to people who are not yet aware of your brand

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