Billboard advertising in Hormozgan province

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Billboard advertising in Hormozgan province

Billboard advertising in Hormozgan province is important for advertising campaigns. The capital of this province is Bandar Abbas. Hormozgan province is located in the south of Iran and is located in the north of the Strait of Hormuz. Hormozgan is one of the important tourism and economic centers of Iran. This province is ranked eighth in Iran in terms of area.

There are four provinces in the neighborhood of Hormozgan province. Kerman province is located in the north and northeast, Fars and Bushehr provinces in the west and northwest, Sistan and Baluchestan in the east of this province. In the south of this province, there is the Persian Gulf Sea and the Sea of Oman, which has turned this province into a center of maritime tourism. :

Hormozgan province is a large province and has 13 cities, which are as follows:

  • Abu Musa city
  • Bastak city
  • Bandar Abbas city
  • Bandar Lengeh city
  • Jask County
  • Hajiabad city
  • Rudan city
  • Qeshm city
  • Parsian city
  • Minab city
  • Khamir city
  • Bashagard city
  • Sirik County [/ bg_collapse]

The importance of billboard advertising in Hormozgan province

تبلیغات بیلبوردی در استان هرمزگان با توجه به اینکه جزایر مختلفی دارد اهمیت بالایی دارد. در این استان مبادلات اقتصادی زیادی انجام می شود. دو جزیره ی کیش و قشم مناطق آزاد تجاری این استان است که از لحاظ اقتصادی موقعیت برجسته ای دارد. تجار و بازرگانان زیادی در این منطقه حضور پیدا می کنند. این استان با توجه به موقعیت استراتژیکی که دارد دارای چندین فرودگاه داخلی و بین المللی دارد. هر روز شاهد پرواز های متعددی در این استان هستیم. همین امور باعث شده تا اکران بیلبورد های تبلیغاتی در این استان، بسیار اثر گذار باشد.  :

Those who use billboards believe that billboards are superior to other advertising media and that no media can replace them.

Other factors include high population rates and the movement of fisheries and fishing trade. Maritime transport happens every day and this brings huge profits to Hormozgan province.

Hormozgan province has the largest commercial port. Shahid Rajaei port is considered as a gateway for goods to Iran. Bandar Abbas can be considered the economic capital of Iran. [/ bg_collapse]

Hormozgan Islands The best location for billboards

Hormozgan province, considering that it has several islands, can be a very suitable position for environmental advertising. Most of these islands are used both as a commercial center and as a tourist center.

The islands in this province are as follows:

  • Qeshm Island
  • Abu Musa Island
  • Kish Island
  • Lavan Island
  • Handrabi Island
  • Shidor Island (Maran)
  • Lark Island
  • Hormoz island
  • Hengam Island
  • Big Tonb Island
  • Small Tonb Island
  • Siri Island
  • The Great Faroe Islands
  • Small Farrow Island [/ bg_collapse]

Billboard rental price in Hormozgan province

If you are wondering how you can have billboard advertising in this province, be sure to contact Arad Consultants.

Hormozgan province, due to its remarkable and prominent position, has been able to attract the attention of many business owners. Brand owners have been able to have a good growth in their business by using the position they have in this province. Arad Holding, a leader in the field of billboard advertising, is by your side so that you can carry out your advertising campaigns professionally.

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