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Investing in mass production projects

The agreement between Arad Fateh Qeshm Construction Company and Arad Environmental Advertising Clinic has lead to significant capabilities and positive and growing impact on the economy of our country.

Arad Fateh Qeshm by receiving construction projects which are finalized 60% and completeing them by barter strategy and getting residental units in exchange for receiving foreign exchange has helped significantly the construction industry of the country.

Arad Environmental Advertising Clinic cooperates with Arad Fateh Qeshm Company by utilizing barter advertisements such as iron, ceramic tile valves, etc. and provides all the materials of this company.

Are you a seller or manufacturer of building materials?

Are you a seller or manufacturer of building materials?

With the agreement of Fateh Qeshm Construction Company and Arad Environmental Advertising Clinic, the supply of materials for the suspended projects is the responsibility of this economic group and the activity of Arad Economic Group is only advertising and branding of construction materials sellers.

Are you a mass producer?

Are you a mass producer?

Arad Fateh Qeshm Company has started its specialized activity in the field of construction and has provided a very suitable situation for mass production by participating in projects which are on half way and completing them and selecting a unit instead of receiving the amount.
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Supportive role in the economic cycle of the country

The agreement between Fateh Qeshm and Arad Environmental Advertising Clinic had significant capabilities and has played a significant role in the country’s economic cycle.


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Invest in construction projects with complete barter
In recent years, due to economic recession and lack of liquidity, advertising activities has faced serious problems. Experts in Arad Group think tank, after years of serious economic activity came up with strategy of barter in order to strengthen the producers of construction materials. This affected the life and continuity of all construction production units.
Registration of Arad Fateh Qeshm Construction Company
During the projects done by barter strategy, the volume of construction materials input increased in such a way that eventually led to the registration of a construction company named Fateh Qeshm Construction Company. This company receives materials of construction given by sellers. These materials have been bartered with advertisements by Arad advertisement group. After receiving the materials, would have agreements with construction groups. Execution of barter strategy not only helped Arad group to survive, but also helped plenty of groups to go their ways and continue their production.
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It is notable that the method of settling with mass builders is not by receiving cash. All contracts would be settled by barter with their constructions.

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