Advertising slogan, the miracle of attracting the audience + 7 slogans of the year 1400


What is an advertising slogan?

Advertising slogan is a phrase between 2 to 5 words that is chosen by each brand as a representative. This choice of advertising slogan should be such that it stays in the mind of the audience. The highest impact is achieved with a rhythmic slogan. The most important factor in relation to a slogan is its repetition.
Using more and more attractive advertising slogans over time makes it stay in the minds of the audience.

Attractive advertising slogan
Attractive advertising slogan

How does a slogan help a stronger relationship with the customer?

Each brand slogan serves as a bridge between the owners of the organization and the customer. This relationship is so strong that an appropriate advertising slogan can make a medium quality product very desirable in the minds of the audience or, conversely, by choosing the wrong slogan, a good product is poorly presented in the eyes of customers.

Memorable advertising slogan, the most important factor of return on investment

ROI is an international concept, abbreviated as Return on investment, which is expressed as a percentage.

According to a recent study by the American Research Association, after advertising, which is the most important factor in attracting the audience, the slogan of each brand has the highest impact on attracting customers and thus the return of capital to the organization’s financial system. Therefore, the “advertising slogan” is the most important factor in the maximum ROI.

The slogan chosen by the brand owners is used in all stages of advertising, including television, billboards, packaging, and so on. Therefore, it should be chosen in such a way that it has the necessary effect even in a very short period of time. In addition, the human mind is instinctively designed to process and memorize short sentences more easily.

What is an advertising slogan?
Business advertising slogan

Referendum is one of the best ways to choose a slogan

In developed countries, one of the methods of choosing a slogan is a referendum. In this public opinion poll, it should be noted that the society being surveyed should include different strata. (Age, gender, level of education, occupation, etc. should be different)

The referendum is conducted in two ways:

Selecting a number of suggested slogans and presenting them along with the content of the organization to the audience, by sharing the question of which of these slogans do you think is more appropriate for us? And finally, choosing a slogan that is more effective in the public eye.
Select a limited number of suggested slogans without any explanation of the scope of the activity and by asking the question, what do you think each of these slogans is related to? Finally, the organization chooses the slogan that is most correctly recognized by the audience.

Features of a good slogan

The most successful advertising slogans are not just a combination of several words, but they are the most important elements of an advertising campaign. Creating a good and memorable advertising slogan is a very difficult task. Most large companies use author teams to select a unique and memorable slogan.

7 advertising slogans in the year 1400

Businesses put a slogan in the minds of their audiences. Below is a list that can play a role in your business in 1400.

  • A place to get what you want
  • A sea for young and old
  • Ace spot with useful tools for men!
  • It’s all for you
  • Always full of creativity!
  • Iranian store for Iranians
  • Spend less to be great
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