Advertising billboard tariff in Kermanshah

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Why is environmental advertising effective in Kermanshah?

Environmental advertising in Kermanshah is one of the best business growth options in Iran. Kermanshah is one of the metropolises and the ninth most populous city in Iran. Kermanshah is located on the Silk Road, which has long been the most important communication route in central Iran. For this reason, it is one of the busiest central and western provinces of the country.
This city is one of the historical and ancient cities of Iran. Bostan Arch, Bistoon inscription, Emad Doleh Mosque and ‌ can be mentioned among the most valuable historical and tourist places of this city. The ancient history of this city has made it the center of attention of domestic and foreign tourists and this is an important factor in the success of advertising campaigns in Kermanshah.

Advertising billboard tariff in Kermanshah

Advertising investment in Kermanshah

For various reasons, such as: population density in this province, high tourist traffic, constant presence of the audience on the routes, etc., the return on advertising investment in Kermanshah is maximized.

Another factor in the economic justification of billboard advertising in Kermanshah is the province’s border with Iraq. Qasrshirin border city in the west of Kermanshah is one of the most important cities in the west of the country. This city borders Iraq and is of special importance for the development of economic relations with Iraq. The city is also a route for pilgrims to Karbala and is followed by a large population in the city.

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Advertising billboard productivity in Kermanshah

Proper access to Iraqi markets and cross-border exchanges has created a good platform for billboard advertising in Kermanshah. There are many companies in this city such as Kurdish Chinese Company, Kurdish Tile Company, Western Cement Company and Saman. This issue has caused the managers of construction companies to choose this province as a suitable destination in the field of environmental advertising of construction materials.

Why billboard advertising campaign in Kermanshah?

Kermanshah is the largest Kurdish city in Iran. In addition to population density, due to the very good climate, pristine nature and historical and tourist centers, there is regular intercity traffic. One of the busiest streets in Kermanshah is Shariati Street, which is one of the main transportation routes in the city.
Another important and busy area is Taq-e-Bostan Boulevard, which is the longest forest boulevard in Iran. As a result, the golden time of advertising will not be limited, so the screening of billboards in Kermanshah will have a great impact on the best possible advertising campaign.

Price of Kermanshah billboards

Points for billboard design

Creativity and ideation, including innovation and ultimately the inclusion of organizational colors, is one of the essential elements in the design of environmental advertising, and we suggest avoiding any stereotypes that cause bad advertising for any brand, as well as maintaining simplicity, creating different emotions, the use of appropriate images and fonts etc. are very effective techniques in billboard design. To read more click the button below.

Is Kermanshah environmental advertising media only suitable for industries?

Kermanshah province is considered as the agricultural hub of the country due to its suitable climatic conditions and soil, and its important products include pomegranate, Sahneh cherry, Hersin onion and chickpea.

Therefore, brands that target the general public can also use the extensive advertising coverage of Kermanshah environmental advertising media.

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