Advertising billboard rental in Semnan

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Why environmental advertising in Semnan?

By now, when you entered Semnan, you must have seen all kinds of billboards in Semnan. Semnan is one of the largest provinces of Iran, which is ranked seventh in the country with an area of ​​about 98 square kilometers and is located on the main Tehran-Mashhad route. The neighbors of Semnan province are as follows:
From the south with Isfahan
From the north with Mazandaran
From the east with Khorasan
From the west with Tehran province
According to statistics, over 65% of the country’s annual trips are made to or from these 4 major provinces, and Semnan is at their center. For this reason, this province is always the host and place of travel for many travelers. This is the best economic justification for billboard advertising in Semnan.

Environmental advertising in Semnan

Why advertising investment in Semnan, the destination of traders and merchants?

One of the most important export products of Iran is pistachio. Damghan pistachio is one of the highest quality pistachios in the country. For this reason, Semnan province annually hosts a significant number of traders and merchants from all over the country. Semnan is also important in terms of gypsum, bentonite and celestine mines and one Garmsar is one of the largest salt mines in the country and is located in this province. Therefore, billboard campaigns with the target community of business executives will have the highest advertising efficiency in Semnan.

Biography of John Wana Maker

John Wana Meeker was born in 1838 in Pennsylvania and died in 1922. He was an American businessman and political activist who, according to marketing proponents, was a pioneer in advertising. He owned several chain stores and also served as the director of the United States Post.

The efficiency of advertising campaigns in Semnan

One of the most important factors in the effectiveness of environmental advertising is choosing the right place. Busy streets will have maximum advertising efficiency when displaying city-wide billboards with the general public. Semnan city with a population of about 190 thousand people is the most populous city in Semnan province. Moallem Boulevard, Basij Boulevard and Ghaem Boulevard are the busiest streets in terms of traffic, which are suggested for the screening of environmental advertising campaigns in Semnan. They are from Semnan, where the streets around them always host domestic and foreign tourists. In view of all the above, the price of environmental advertising will be very economical compared to productivity in Semnan.

Rent billboard in Mashhad

How to advertise professionally

From the beginning of the formation of human civilization, propaganda is rooted in human life. Advertising was originally in the form of modern slavery and has gradually become a source of employment. Advertising is the business spirit and the marketing unit of any organization is responsible for product introduction, professional advertising, etc. The choice of advertising method (environmental, print, television, etc.) as well as the type of advertising strategy (package, serial, etc.) is the responsibility of the business unit. Did you know that environmental advertising as the premier medium is the most sustainable method among advertising media? To read more, click the button below.

Suitable climate, the reason for the presence of tourists in Semnan

Semnan has style in many handicrafts. Pottery and ceramics, pen printing, felt making, Mahdishahr, which has the seal of origin of UNESCO, are among these industries. Pomegranate, fig and eggplant are the main agricultural products of this province.

The prosperity of handicrafts and agriculture in Semnan attracts tourists, including gardeners and the general public. For this reason, billboard advertisements in Semnan are faced with high traffic statistics.

Why is advertising investment in Semnan profitable?

Semnan has been called the Space Center of Iran since the early 1950s. Due to the existence of the Aerospace Organization, 45 km from the city of Semnan, this province annually hosts many activists in this field. The launch of satellites, including Safir Omid, as well as rockets, will be carried out from this center. The seasonal river Gol Rudbar, one of the most beautiful rivers in the country, originates from Alborz and flows into the desert plain and is always a good destination for travelers in Semnan. According to everything that was discussed in detail on this page, environmental advertising in this province has a significant return and the price of billboard media in Semnan will be economically justified in proportion to its impact on the sales chart.

“The very first law in advertising is to avoid the concrete promise and cultivate the delightfully vague.”

Bill Bernbach
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