12 most visited internet advertising sites in Iran

Internet advertising sites are one of the best tools that can be very useful in advertising your product, and here are some of the best. Internet advertising is a method of advertising in which all information, goods and services of institutions reach the target audience through the Internet and are informed. In this method, using targeted methods and strategies, different types of graphic or text advertising items are placed on different parts of the Internet to be provided to the target audience. [Bg_collapse view = “link” color = “# 00003a” icon = “arrow” expand_text = “Read more” collapse_text = “Close”]

Today, all businesses and brands need targeted advertising to better see themselves and their services in order to reach their destination in the shortest time. Internet advertising is one of the best options for these goals. Internet and websites are a good opportunity to take advantage of good business success. One of the criteria for choosing the best internet advertising sites is their ranking and visits. Here are some of them. [/ bg_collapse]

The best internet advertising sites:

1- Yekta Net site:

YektaNet is an online advertising site with the aim of providing the best results for advertisers and generating fair revenue for the media. The motto of this site is honesty, transparency, empathy and continuous innovation. YektaNet site strives to improve the performance of advertising campaigns and offers a wide variety of services.

Yektant accompanies you in achieving the highest quality of online advertising by continuously optimizing your ad display algorithms day by day. This site shares the net monetization report of your advertising positions with you so that you too can be more empowered in optimizing your media revenue and get the most revenue in a fair environment [/ bg_collapse]

2- Sheypoor site:

Sheypoor internet advertising site has been launched with the subject of online needs and its main purpose is to connect the buyer and seller directly. This site is the most visited websites in Iran and has a very high quality.

3- Saba Vision site:

Saba Vision site is an internet advertising site and is the most lasting option in the minds of your target audience. Saba Vision ads allow you to advertise your brand from a fixed position on the website. In fact, you will be exposed to your customers on the most visited websites in the country to spread your advertising message more widely. Saba Vision site is a bridge between businesses and product applicants.

Today, all businesses and brands need targeted advertising to better see themselves and their services in order to reach their destination in the shortest time.

4- Istgah Website:

Istgah site is an advertising site to advertise services and goods needed for consumption. In this site, the goods and services you offer are exposed. At Istgah site, users and audiences are in direct contact with each other and there is no intermediary between them. .

Istgah site allows its users to publish their advertisements for free on the site and use the high traffic of this site for their advertisements. A good feature of this site is the ability to register backlinks in ads. Businesses that have a website of their own and want customers to enter their site after seeing their ad can use this feature. [/ Bg_collapse]

5-Media Ad Website:

If you want to promote your business, MediaAd site helps you to have effective online advertising. With online advertising on Media Ad site, you can attract your customers and users to your business product.

6- Tapsel site:

Tapsel site is an advertising site for businesses; A service that exposes your video teasers to millions of Iranian users in the most popular applications. Tapsel offers its ads on mobile and through the apps we deal with every day. If a user on the site wants to do something that requires in-app payment, he can pay part of the cost by participating in an ad. [Bg_collapse view = “link” color = “# 00003a” icon = “arrow “expand_text =” Read more “collapse_text =” Close “]

In Tapsel, you can create your own advertising campaigns and specify the users and the price of your products. Tapsel meets the internet advertising needs of the biggest brands and institutions. By providing in-app advertising to users intelligently, Tapsel provides stable and substantial revenue for media owners without compromising the user experience. [/ Bg_collapse]

7-NetBarg site

NetBarg site is one of the best advertising sites. Netbarg is a site for providing advertising services in which it is possible to register ads and offer discounts. In this way, the advertiser of goods advertises his services on this site and in addition, a discount is considered for it. On this site, it is also possible to buy and sell goods.

7- Clickyab site:

One of the unique features of Clickyab for advertising websites is calculating the conversion rate. The cost of advertising on the Clickyab site is calculated by clicking and the advertiser only pays for the visitors who enter his website. Clickyab tries to find the right audience with a higher conversion rate at any cost. Clickyab is one of the largest technology companies in the field of advertising. [/ Bg_collapse]

9. Hamshahri guide site

Hamshahri guide site, a site known as Neyazmandiha, is one of the oldest ad registration sites in the country. Where users can easily share their internet ads with everyone. This sharing can make your online ads visible to thousands of people; Without spending any money.

10- Neyaze Rooz website:

Niaz Rooz site allows users to publish their online ads for free without the need to register and create an account on the site. Of course, if you want to publish multiple ads on the site, it is better to create a user account for yourself so that you can check the status of the ad and manage the ads for you. Niaz Rooz operates in the categories of industry, services, real estate, work and employment, computers and mobile phones, vehicles, etc., and it is possible for users to place ads with these topics.

11-Eforosh advertising site:

Internet advertising is a methodical process of providing appropriate information about goods and services to customers and persuading them to buy goods and services. By registering your advertisements on Eforosh advertisement site, you are not dependent on time and place, and you register your advertisements in a convenient and fast internet space. In a sales site, the advertiser user can view all his registered ads at once and update them easily. Eforosh internet advertising site has been created with the aim of creating services for business prosperity and creating a competitive environment for economic dynamism.

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